Friday, November 4, 2011

Man cold

The boys both had great days at school today. Jaxon's teacher told me that Jax was approximating names and words and even trying to sing along to the good-bye song. I have his make-up conference before his class next Friday, so I'm sure I'll get more details on his progress.
I forgot to mention that last week after the Halloween party in Jax's class, a little boy came running out of school to his mom saying, "MOM, Jaxon was a DINOSAUR!" She smiled and looked at me saying her son was asking all week what Jaxon was going to be. How sweet that Jax is able to make friends without being very verbal - that melts my heart.

Brady actually ran and hugged me after his class today, so that was a nice change! There's a new little 3 yr old in Brady's class (still all boys) who doesn't tower over Brady like the rest of the boys. When we walked in the school, two of the boys yelled, "Brady!". They were so happy to see him back in class from being gone sick one week and then school being closed last week (he only has class one day a week). I told the teacher I was happy to see the other kids knew Brady's name and she said that Brady can point out the photos of each child by name, so he knows their names as well even though he can't say them. She said, "Brady is quite the popular little guy here!" Awe! I'm so lucky that the boys are so social given their severe delay with speech. They certainly have no problem jumping in a group to play.
Ok, I'm done bragging now that I have friendly kids.

In other news, Jason has come down with the cold that Brady and I have. Now I admit, this is a nasty virus/illness and I felt AWFUL, but I had to take care of the boys, bring them to school, therapy sessions, doctor appointments and pick up prescriptions - there's just no calling in sick for me, especially if Jay is out of town.
When I texted Jason about how sick I felt on Tuesday while he was way up north, he told me to take some vitamins. Guess what I told Jason to do tonight when he was on the couch "dying"?

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Michele said...

Heaven save us from the Man Cold!! :) "Go take some vitamins" indeed.