Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More meds for the big guy

Brady's cough has gotten worse and he started a fever yesterday. I called the doctor and she wanted to see him since he's at the tail end of his antibiotics. After the boy's chiropractor appointment, I took them to the pediatrician to have Brady re-examined. The doctor said his lungs sounded good and his ear is getting better, but she doesn't think his current round of meds is quite kicking this thing. She Rx'd another round until we get his cough and fevers under control.
Jason and I have a cough, so it's going around the house. Hopefully it's nothing new for Jax to catch. Speaking of little J-man, he's doing well with his 4 smaller feeds and kicking butt with the rate increases. He puked after an applesauce bite-attempt tonight, but that was purely his gag-reflex.

The boys are in an interesting "curious" stage right now, and by that I mean... making a complete mess of everything they can think of. I came downstairs from my shower probably about 10 minutes after Jason, who was down in his office. In this time period, there was a left over bowl of macaroni and cheese sitting at the little table with a fork and a doll sitting in front of it (I had this in the fridge). So I knew Brady was in the fridge (this is a Brady thing). I went to the fridge and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I looked in the sink and it was full of Italian salad dressing. I looked out into the garage and sure enough, the bottle was recycled. Thanks Brady. Then Brady comes up to me and pulls me. He's been doing this a lot lately instead of talking. I go with him and what do I see? Oh yes, an EGG that he cracked and poured into a cup sitting on the window bench in the living room. There was an egg shell sitting next to it (he did pretty good) and then the yolk in a cup and the rest of it dripping down the bench all over the floor. Really?
On Monday, Brady decided he wanted to dump all the salt out of my shaker into the sink, which also went all over the counter and all over the floor, between the oven and the cupboards and in my rug by the sink. Lovely. All this during a simple diaper change happening on his brother.

Now our cupboards and fridge have locks on them, which is fine except it's so inconvenient for me to unlock and re-lock each time I need to open one of these things that requires you to push two buttons at the same time and unzip the zip tie. You don't realize how much you go into the fridge or cupboard until there's a barrier!

And finally... Jaxon thinks he's a dog. He crawls around on his hands and feet (not knees) and pants with small barks. He even tries to lick you with his little tongue. He's been a dog for the last 48 hours. Ahhh yes, to be three.


Amber Ellen said...

Awww, I love hearing about what your boys are up to. It has been awhile since I read your blog and I enjoyed catching up. I'm still sending out good thoughts for Jax. His journey has really tugged at my heart.

I hope Brady feels better soon!

Krista said...

So that's how you open those darn things. The last time you had those on the cabinets, I couldn't figure it out. Oh Tita!

ferfischer said...

Ha haha! I have to laugh at your kitchen/food supply stories. Hw helpful they are! FWIW, my kids have rotated being dogs and cats lately, complete with doing "tricks," eating dog food (without me knowing), making dog water bowls in the bathroom and barking and whining (that's pretty normal actually). At least they poop and pee in the potty, which is better than my ACTUAL dog.