Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pneumonia City!

We got a call from Jason's doctor stating that his XRay results showed that he had pneumonia. Now that makes so much more sense given his constant high fevers and overall dwindling state. I called Brady's doctor to let her know Brady's cough has gotten worse and that Jason had pneumonia (and Brady started symptoms before him). The doctor wouldn't let me wait to bring him in tomorrow, so I had to take him into Children's Urgent Care this evening.
Sure enough, Brady's ear is still infected (and actually pretty gross looking - the doctor showed me) and she also diagnosed him with A-typical pneumonia, aka - walking pneumonia. I got Brady his new medication and everyone, except me, is sleeping soundly right now.
I hope all my guys get better!

One thing that stuck out to me at this doctor's office (that has never met us before) was that when the nurse was leaving the room, Brady did his typical little talking and she said, "Oh my gosh, his little noises are so cute, what is he pretending to be?"
I just sat there not understanding what she just asked and then I realized she thought Brady was making a noise rather than talking. I said, "he has a speech delay so his words sound more like noises". I could tell she felt awkward and she just smiled saying he was cute and walked out. I kinda wished I said he was pretending to be a fish or something to avoid that weird moment, but whatever... I'm a bit worn out and tired myself!
You know what, his noises ARE cute! ;)


Krista said...

His noises are adorable.

Wiley said...

I think it's better that you did say something, because she should be aware of the existence of speech delays... As a nurse who sees kids, it doesn't seem like that would be a reasonable thing to expect.