Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Hey all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We've had a quiet last few days, and yet still "busy" somehow.
We went to Manitowoc to visit Jason's grandfather who was recently hospitalized. He was doing well when we saw him and he loved watching the boys play with his dog "Penny". That evening I did some work while Jason caught up on his football, but we ended the night watching a movie together.

Brady woke up vomiting in the morning. Wow, what a difference when Brady vomits. The poor bean was terrified and would just sob and scream while pelting us with vomit. He's not quite the master at aiming into a basin like his bro.
He spiked a fever, so he was put on Tylenol and flavored Pedialyte for the rest of the day. He woke up fever-free today and no vomiting, so it seems to have been a 24hr bug. Although he's not eating at full-speed, nor is his energy quite the same, so he's taking it easy at home today.

Jason is with his parents and a friend at the Badger game today (Saturday). I was going to take the boys to a birthday party at a gym today, but since Brady had a fever 12 hours ago with vomiting, I'm doing my duty to other mothers and keeping him home. The birthday party is for a neighbor friend, and when I stopped by with a gift last night to tell them we couldn't go, the father of the child insisted he picks up Jax to take him. I explained how he might be on his backpack and it just wouldn't work out. I got "the look" from him. Um... oh yeah, I forgot, HE'S A DOCTOR.
I was able to tweak Jax's food around today so he wouldn't be on his backpack during that time to make things easier, but how nice is that they'll pick Jax up and take him?? Mr. Greg (the neighbor/doctor) said he assumed Jax had missed out on plenty in his life and there was no reason to miss today. How sweet, I love our neighbors!
So Brady and I will be decorating the Christmas tree together and spending some one-on-one time together for about 2 hours - sounds like Heaven!

The boys proud of their turkey projects.

Then they decided to disassemble them over and over.

All the boys enjoying an ice cream cone.

Jason and the boys with Grandpa Klingeisen, Father Dick and Uncle Joe.

Brady and I playing around with Christmad decorations during our alone time.

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