Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quick check in

I'm sorry for slacking on posting the last few days. I have a friend visiting from Florida and the boys are with Jason on his annual hunting trip back home on the farm.
So Daddy is getting some much needed kiddo-time, and I'm getting some free time to visit with friends and re-group a bit.

I met with Brady's speech therapists after school on Friday and we had a good talk. They agree that Brady's speech is so severely delayed, that he's not even on the same pace as the others in his speech group. We've decided to give him until after the holidays (6 weeks) to see if starts to show improvement and he'll be officially 3 1/2 years old. If no further improvement is shown, then we'll be trying to get him further intervention. We'll either try to get another one-on-one speech therapy session for him, or try to get him in Jax's Early Childhood class. The therapist brought up 'speech apraxia' to me again and said that if he doesn't show further progress, he may be headed toward this diagnosis. Either way, we have him in good hands and his issues are being addressed. I feel good about that.
In speech news for Jax, that little peanut is attempting at so many new words and even trying sentences. So I know Brady can do this, we just need to give him the right recipe to be successful.
I'm sure I'll have a full report of everyone's weekend tomorrow night, have a good weekend!

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Doubly Blessed said...

So jealous Tam is visiting! Hug each other for me!