Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick update to the pukes

Jaxon did great yesterday. I reintroduced food mixed into his Pedialyte and he kept it all down, but he didn't move very much. Then last night he puked in bed, and then I didn't feel very well at bedtime either. We had the same reaction as Brady with feeling better for a day and then getting sick one last night. Jax slept fine the rest of the night thankfully and he seems much better this morning. Hopefully he'll keep some real food down today and we've seen the last of it.
Jason left for a business trip last night through late Thursday night, so hopefully we'll just be mending and disinfecting the house!

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Michele said...

Oh yes, the boomerang flu. We had that too. You think you're on the mend and then, whammo! I missed a week and a half of work because my husband and kids all came down with it a few days apart from each other. Feel better soon!