Sunday, November 6, 2011

The quickest little terrors

We had a very low key weekend. Jason's man-cold is proving to be a doozy. He started a high fever again tonight, so he's going to go to the doctor if his symptoms are as bad tomorrow. That's when I know it's bad, I've never seen this guy even take a sick day from work, let alone go to the doctor (other than the time he got stung by a bee and his face was so swollen he couldn't see!).
Brady's symptoms aren't letting up either - huh? His cough has gotten slightly worse and he still goes in-and-out of a fever (typically between 99-100.4) and he's on day 12 of his continued antibiotics. I'm not sure if/when I should contact the pediatrician for him now.
I'm feeling a bit better. My cough is still present, but I seem to "feel" better. Although the headache part just came back a little. Oddly, Jax is fine. We're not sure if this is the bug that gave him the pneumonia and he's sitting back watching us all dwindle, or if he's on the horizon. He vomited this morning, but he was getting in the truck right after his morning feed, so that one is usually not an indicator of an oncoming illness, so who knows!

Both boys still have tons of energy, so keeping them home this weekend was a bit of a chore, but it was best for them. We really wanted to take the boys swimming at the YMCA (which we plan to do every Sunday through the cold months now) but we just didn't want to expose other kids to this. We even canceled our visit with Auntie Rachel (tear).

ANYWAY, I was still able to sneak out and get some many needed groceries, and I even got a jump on a little Christmas shopping at Toys R Us while Jason was home with the boys during nap time. We have 11 kids on our list for the holidays, so I need to hit the toy store whenever I can without the kids starting now ;)
We definitely got a lot done around the house with cleaning and some yard work, and even installed a new kitchen faucet (yup, our last one broke and leaked - of course!) so even though we felt snowed-in with the sickies, somehow we still ended up being ambitious.

We gave the boys a bath during half time of the Packer game tonight. We came down and the boys were playing in the living room with us with the game on. There were a few minutes left of the game and the boys went into the family room (connected to the living room) and I heard them pull down one of their toy-totes and start to play with the toys. We finished watching the game, and this is what we walked into:

How is this even possible in less than 10 minutes??

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