Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sicky City

Jaxon and I both started puking last night, and it went all.night.long. I think Jason said that Jax was up every 30 minutes and I think I was up (or just sleeping on the bathroom floor) every hour or so. Jason slept in Jax's room because he was up so often, and I wasn't exactly quiet running to the bathroom or puking in the bucket next to my bed. Brady puked 3 times total once going to bed, so it was CHAOS here. No one slept.
Jason has been running around doing laundry and taking care of things today. I took a nap upstairs most of the morning and then on the couch around 4pm. And if you know me, you know I'm sick if I'm ever laying down or even thinking about a nap. I'm just not a napper.

Jax is still vomiting pretty frequently. He's been running a low grade temperature all day. He's been on a slow Pedialyte pump all day, but he's still vomiting up stomach bile, so I know his tummy is empty. We'll keep a very slow pump on him tonight (1oz/hr) in hopes of keeping him hydrated through this bug. If he goes a whole night and day again this same way, he's going to end up in the clink on a IV, so please cross your fingers he'll be able to start keeping things down.
Brady is acting like his old self tonight and ate a whole dinner. So we're hoping he's over this.

Oh, and note to self, never... ever, eat Chinese take out when there's a pukey person in your house. That could be the WORST thing to come up repeatedly when your sick. Ugh.

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