Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Still mending...

Jason and Brady that is. I made Jason a doctor appointment yesterday and insisted that he go in since he kept running high fevers and having awful night sweating. The doctor said his lungs are infection-free, but he got a flu-swab, so we'll see how that comes back. Brady is still coughing horribly, so I may call the nurse and ask how long I should wait for him to be looked at again. I think he's had a cough for almost 4 weeks now and it's getting a bit worse each day it seems. Brady has never had a cough longer than a week, so this is new territory for me!
Jax had dried vomit on his pj's and pillow this morning, so that means he puked at some point last night - UGH! He acted fine this morning but I feel like I'm tip-toeing around waiting to hear him suddenly cough. He went to school just fine and seemed super pumped to see Miss Sue, so we'll see.

I took the boys to the chiropractor yesterday and Brady's body is just a mess, where Jax's was pretty good - what a switch!
In non-medical news, I'm trying really hard to get the boys to recognize colors by name. I've been using this Mancala game to group the stones by color to keep their interest (funny that we don't actually know how to use this game). I'll repeat two colors over and over and give them a marble to put in the appropriate pile. Sometimes they group them by color ok, but every time I quiz them to point out a color to me, they seem to usually get it wrong if I mix up the order. They just don't seem to grasp the concept yet, but we'll keep trying!

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Wiley said...

At least you know they aren't color blind if they can do the grouping!

Hope everyone feels better soon.

And it might be wrong, but it kind of made me smile that Brady was the one who was out of whack!