Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another right ear infection, just on a different child.

Oh my goodness, it just never ends lately. Jax has been responding to the cold that Brady gave him pretty good. He only threw up once on Christmas night and has never had a fever over 99. Last night his coughing started to pick up and the puffs of Albuterol that Jason gave him from the inhaler didn't seem to help. I hooked up the nebulizer and filled it with liquid Albuterol and that seemed to help him get through the night. I didn't like the sound of a few of his gagging coughs, so he bought himself a doctor visit today.

The doc found an ear infection and fluid in the other ear. She said his lungs were free of fluid, but he was on his way to lung issues with this cold if we didn't get it under control. I have tripled his FloVent steroid right now and hope it helps protect his lungs. The antibiotic he's starting tonight may help fight bacteria away from his chest, but that's not a guarantee.

So, we just need to give him these steroids and hope he can fight this off without it getting worse in there. The doc said he needs to get into the ER if our Albuterol efforts ever don't work in the evenings (which we already knew that) and she wants to see him back in a week regardless to discuss his lung medication. She doesn't think his nightly steroid is "preventing" well enough for him to wheeze this easy with a cold.

I'm pretty sure this fall and winter has been the worst with colds! I'd like to go back in our bubble now!

I'm also in the process of filling out insurance paperwork that's up to my eye balls. It's renewal time for Jax's disability Medicaid. You'd think I'd be used to the 15 page packet and all the reports I need to collect from every therapist, doctor, specialist and now teacher, but it seems so odd that I have to include these and also sign over all rights to records that they'll retrieve themselves. We have to give just short of a DNA sample it seems, so how in the HECK do people get away with Medicaid fraud? I know our program is for children and it's a private program that doesn't go by income, so maybe there's a different process for straight Medicaid, but we even get a home-visit to make sure the house is nursing home capable and to see the child. Either way, the program has saved our financial lives, so I will continue to gladly give them whatever they request!

I'm also filling out insurance papers for myself since my insurance premium is going to double in a month - isn't that randomly nice? The reason stated is "new medical technology". Say what? I"m pretty sure I'm not using any new medical technology since if I did need to, I'd assume my individual insurance wouldn't even accept me.
Jason's company offers a family plan, but doesn't contribute any money toward the premium, so at full cost to us, it's OUTRAGEOUS. We're talking $1k/month out of pocket. So we buy mine as an individual (thankfully I'm healthy enough to qualify) and we buy Brady's through the state. Did ya'll know that you can buy your child's medical insurance through the state of WI if your employer doesn't contribute? Even at paying full price for Badger Care (which is the bracket we're in), it's still cheaper than individual plans (of which Brady wouldn't qualify for since he was a low-birth weight preemie, crazy huh?).
Ahhh yes, medical insurance. Good times. It's also neat to deal with 4 different insurance plans in one house. I guess we need to be thankful that we all have it one way or another!

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audrey said...

Yikes!!! It's stories like these that have me thankful my employer covers 85% of the cost of our insurance. I pay $64/mo for single coverage HMO through BCBS.

A couple co-workers of mine have their kids on Badger Care and they rave about it. Glad it's working for you guys too!