Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Busy busy, and a little sick

We've had a whirlwind few days this week. Brady had a fever last weekend, and it turned into quite the cold this week. I have now caught it and feel super lousy. I don't know how likely it is that Jax won't get it, but here's to hoping.
We all attended Jax's Christmas party at school this morning. The boys got to see Santa again, but this time Brady was terrified and Jax was fine. When Santa came into the room, Brady started crying and Jason had to hold him away in the back. Jax went up by himself to get his present when his name was called so I got a quick photo! Brady's name wasn't called until the end thankfully, so at that point, he had warmed up and walked up to Santa with me and even gave him a hug. We assume Jax felt more comfortable with since he's used to being there and he knows a lot of the people that were there - a comfort thing I suppose!
Tomorrow we'll be leaving first thing in the morning to attend all the services for Grandma Lettenberger's funeral. Jason is going to stay by his family with the boys for the night, while I come home to do the final grocery shopping, cooking and CLEANING of this stye of a house for the open house on Christmas day. I'll meet back up with them and we'll do our tour of grandparents and some family for Christmas Eve day and evening, and then come home to crash. I heard that Santa maaaaaay be stopping at our house that night for the boys, but we shall see!

I was upstairs for maybe 10 minutes putting away some laundry, and Brady did the following things:
Poured himself a bowl of goldfish crackers, which spilled (and crushed?) on the couch, and conveniently into the crack of the cushions.

Took out the two milk pitchers (the original milk container broke) and proceeded to take the covers off, dribble milk and do who knows what...

OH, try to pour himself a GLASS of milk, which I found shattered in the sink. Maybe the glass was sitting in the sink already? I have no idea. I'm glad it was in the sink since I didn't hear it break, but man... I'd love to be in this kid's head sometimes!

Jax getting his present from Santa. That's one of his therapists who held his hand when he got up there.

Cool books from the big guy!

The boys sitting in the classroom afterward waiting patiently for their juice and cookies with their neat twisty straws.

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Michele said...

Oh my word honey! You are just not getting a break! How are your vitamin D levels? Since I got mine back into the normal range I've been so much healthier over the winter, even with little kids in the house.