Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting more speech, woot!

The boys had a good time at school on Friday, and after Brady's class, his therapist was excited to tell me she heard Brady say "done" and "go". I momentarily worried that she felt that was an explosion for him (he's said these words randomly throughout the year). But she followed it up with saying she was going to give Brady an extra one-on-one session each week starting in January - YAY!! I think we'll be setting up that class right after I drop Jax off on Tuesdays. I'm not sure how this therapist got the extra session, but we'll talk more about that later. I'm so happy that between the school district and our private therapy, that Brady will get help 3 days a week.

As for the weekend, it was nice and quiet. We took the boys to the chiropractor since Brady was up all night coughing Friday with what seemed to be the start of a bad cold. I'll be taking them back on Wednesday, but oddly... Brady's cough got amazingly better and so did his runny nose. Huh, that's fabulous! Jax is still doing well with his food, so I hope we get a good run here.

We stopped over at the neighborhood Christmas party last night, but that was pretty much it for Saturday. This morning we all got up early and actually took the boys swimming at the YMCA. They loved it and are starting to get the idea that kicking and paddling is swimming. We got some errands and cleaning done and had some friends over during the Packer game. We loved meeting little 8 month old Aubrey. Jax kept saying, "HI bebe!"

Back to the grind this week. Bundle up everyone, it's getting so COLD now!

This would be Brady hiding his head under his bed when I walked in during his "nap time". I heard some commotion and sure enough, he got into the bags in his closet and made a mess. He thinks if he can't see me... I can't see him. I couldn't help but laugh!

Three little monkeys - Jax, Aubrey and Brady (and Brady's Toy Story dolls)


Michelle said...

My daughter's speech issues improved dramatically when we added a 3rd day of therapy. In the beginning we also had a 4th day which was a group speech therapy session. Now I feel like any more than 3 will be speech therapy overload and less just isn't enough. Also we get free speech therapy through the Scottish Rites? They have it nationwide but don't advertize and at our facility, they don't have any income qualifications. You just have to have a kid with speech needs. I was worried that the Scottish Rites would be weird but they just talk to us about speech and the therapists are actually mostly the same one's at the district. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that adding a 3rd day made a massive difference for us! And tell you about the Scottish Rites in case you wanted to check into it because it's saving me so much money on our therapy bills!

Annie and Jason said...

Thanks Michelle!
I realized that Brady will get 3 days a week every other week, because he gets private therapy once every other week. So it's not fully 3x/wk like I hoped. I will definitely keep the Scottish Rites in mind!
Even though our private therapy is covered under insurance, the co-pays really add up each month, so if we paid for two more sessions a month, it would close to $300/month. ouch! Thanks for the info!

Michelle said...

if you ever have iep questions or want to know what we've done to get the school district to pay for speech so often, send me an email. we've been figuring out speech and iep's through the district going on 3 years and have had success at getting everything covered by the district... mostly. or if you'd like to chat about any other speech issues and those lovely "diagnosis" that kiddo's somehow pick up, let me know!