Monday, December 5, 2011

Hangin' tough

Jax slept pretty decent on Sunday night and only woke up once at midnight (he was actually crying from what seemed like a bad dream). He didn't throw up at all today and his O2 level was good. I never got a temp reading higher than 100 either, so I'm a bit shocked how well he's turned around since Sunday afternoon. The slow Pedialyte pump overnight seemed to really hydrate him, so I'm so glad we did that.
Today I gave him half-feeds mixed with Pedialyte, and I'm hoping to start giving more food soon. If he does well through the night and seems fine in the morning, I'll let him go to school tomorrow.
Jason has an early appointment in the morning and is leaving at 5am, so we asked Saint Nick to come early so we could all be together to enjoy it. The boys LOVED it, here are some shots!
(I've come to realize from my out-of-state friends that St. Nick isn't celebrated nation wide in the US. It's a European tradition that is celebrated in heavy German Christian areas of the states.)

Once Brady got his hands on the mini Buzz and Woody dolls from Toy Story, he pretty much sat in the corner hoarding them with pure HAPPINESS. He's sleeping soundly with them right now.

A slinky and a tube of tiny dinos!

View Masters! We went all old-school!

Priceless... (and you can bet Brady has claimed those dolls for eternity)

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