Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas wrap up!

Hello and Merry Christmas from us!
I've been trying to update the blog for the past 24 hours, but I was having computer troubles - and now I'm all good in the hood again.

Last week we attended Grandma Lettenberger's funeral proceedings. The gathering was sad, but the family-time was amazing. Brady's cold was taking a turn for the worse that day and I was really starting to feel it as well. By the time Brady got into bed at his Nana's that night, he started a fever again - and you all know what that means...
Jason brought the boys home a day early and he ran Brady to the doctor, and yes... an ear infection. That's 2 in the course of 6 weeks and he's only had one before all this, how strange! He is now on day 4 of 5 with his meds and doing a bit better, but that runny nose just won't go away.
I felt really sick on Christmas eve night and completely lost my voice by the end of the night. I still sound really horse. Poor Jax has picked this all up as well and his tiny little man voice is horse as well. I've got the humidifier going and the Albuterol on hand, so let's hope that's all the damage this will do him.
Other than illness hitting at the most inopportune time, the holiday was really nice. We were still able to  drive up to Kewaunee to see my family, and saw some of Jay's family on the way down. Christmas day was a busy day with both sides of our immediate family visiting - good food, people and of course, gifts!

Boys opening gifts with Great Grandpa Wally and Nana Jayne.

Great Grandma Laura putting the mittens that she made on Brady.

Bumpa Les and Jax.

Grandma Carol and cousin Karl.

Grandpa and I

Great Gma and Gpa Sternitzky with the wiggly boys.

My tall cousins!

Aunt Beth and Uncle T with smiley Jax.

Uncle Jim, Aunt Colleen and the silly boys.

Josh and Drew (cousins) with the boys.

Performing skits and the Twelve Days of Christmas at the Hoffman's.

Jay and Rick doing their best impression of the 'Twelve ladies dancing' as their part!

Grandpa Klingeisen with some of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The boys on Christmas morning.

Very excited!

Uncle Adam playing Santa and handing out gifts - cool scooters!

Christmas scene

Nana and Bumpa with their grandchildren Christmas day.

Jax trying on Anesah's cheese head.

Nana and Papa with their grandchildren Christmas night.

Jax cuddling up to Anesah to watch her play on her IPod.

Uncle Clint taking one for the team and letting the boys "help" him play air hockey against Aidan.

Football tackling!

All the girls.

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Jamie said...

Merry Christmas, Annie! It looks like you had a great weekend. I also love how a few pics of you there's a little hand grabbing at you. haha Reminds me of my house!