Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jaxy crabby pants

The boys both had good days at school yesterday morning. Jax was overly crabby for some reason, but of course never even cracked a frown while at school, so he saves it up for us at home I guess!
We all went to the mall to run an errand last night, and he was an absolute beast. He refused to go into the store we needed to go into, so Jason went in with Brady. Then Jax INSISTED we go into the Old Navy store back by the little boy clothes - odd! Let's just say this trip ended in me walking out to the car with one screaming and kicking toddler. NEAT!
One cute thing that he's been doing lately is counting "sock one" and "sock two" when I dress him. I'm getting him to count his pants legs and arms as well while we dress, so he really seems to be getting it.
Brady made a gingerbread man out of sandpaper at school and carried it around like his little baby the rest of the day. He's such a caretaker that kid!
The boys have a treat this weekend, they're going over to Auntie Rachel's house for a sleep over while Jason and I go to a wedding in Madison. I can only imagine how many times those poor pugs will be ridden and pulled around her house!

Who doesn't love Brady?

Brady has an odd obsession with heels, it's super cute!

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