Thursday, December 8, 2011

Strong tummy

The boys have been behaving pretty well the last few days. Don't get me wrong, there's still about 1 time out per day up their rooms, which seems to really be catching on. Although sometimes Brady goes up to his room when he's upset and will slam the door and throw himself on his bed - nice.

Jax's cold is doing much better than expected. He has a slight raspy cough that I'm hoping his Budesonide breathing treatments will keep his lungs protected against. Brady started a slight cough today, but he's got iron lungs, so it usually doesn't cause issues. I'm LOVING Jax's tummy strength since yesterday. He took his first full feed yesterday for the first time in two weeks. In the past 4 weeks he's had Walking Pneumonia, a GI bug and a cold, so it's nice to see him taking his food again. Now I need to work on getting his pump rate back up to where we were.

I thought Jax had the colors yellow and blue down, but now he's back to saying "lellow" for every question asked about color. If I remind him cookie monster is blue, he seems to remember for a few minutes what blue looks like. He still counts his socks and pants legs when dressing, so we're still strong on that front!

Brady seems to have better and better receptive understanding. I can pretty much tell him to bring me XYZ and he does. I may make flash cards for the potty after the holidays to work on potty training since it seems obvious that he won't be able to say it any time soon. I feel like if he understands it, we can start the work and maybe a flash card could be used to tell me. I don't know exactly how we'll do it, but I've got my mind thinking about it. I'd love to consider starting the process by February. I'm sure the therapists can give me pointers on how to train children with severe speech delays.

I've been getting a bit more concerned about Brady lately since he just doesn't seem to show progress. Not that Jax is fluent in speaking at all, but we can at least see the progress of Jax attempting the words and attempting sentences where we can pick up a word or two and understand what he's saying. Brady's words are so off, that there is still virtually almost no verbal communication other than "bye-bye, dada, and thank you". I'm really hoping the district will agree to more help for him after the holidays. The more I read about childhood verbal apraxia, the more I think it may be Brady's problem. He is so "bright" and has no other medical issues that would explain his delay. He functions perfectly fine socially and cognitively and he's been in therapy since 18 months old. He's given the tools professionally and in the home, so environment isn't the problem.

He truly seems to have a pronunciation issue since he'll say something completely different when asked to repeat a word or a sound. I'm no speech therapist or pathologist though, so I'll leave that to them to decide and treat. He's been on their radar for this diagnosis for the past 6 months, so I think they're waiting for him to officially be 3.5 yrs old or 2 full years of therapy to see if that really is the problem. Both of those terms are fulfilled next month "after the holidays", so we shall see. He still gets one session every other week by our private therapist (Mr Nick), and then he gets a session every Friday through the school district with 4 other little boys and 2 other speech therapists. So I have a total of three professionals to help make the decisions going forward.

Jax had feeding therapy today and I'm told he had his best day ever. He took many drinks of his smoothie and decent sized bites of yogurt from a spoon. It's amazing how willing he is to do this when his GI system feels good and when it's from someone other than Jay or I outside the home - grrr! Either way, I'm happy to hear he did well today.

My bums watching the Tom and Jerry Nutcracker movie and acting out the scenes with their toys. And no, Brady still hasn't put down his Toy Story dolls.

The feeding therapist gave us this cup today. It helps Jax not need to tip his head back so far when taking drinks to promote more volume being drank. I'm excited to try it!

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