Sunday, December 4, 2011

This fall's germs are the PITS

Or is it winter already now that it's December?

Either way, I'm pretty sure we haven't gone longer than 5 days of health since September. This is ridiculous. We should've known something was on the horizon with how crabby Jax has been since Wednesday, and the fact he wasn't bouncing back tummy-wise from the bug he had last weekend. He was only up to getting half feeds a week later. He's started a very nasty cold and went downhill rather quick today.
The boys stayed at Rachel's house last night while we were at the wedding. Rachel texted me around 9pm saying Jax puked and she had him in the tub, but he was fine. That's not too out of the ordinary for him for this past week, so I told her to leave his food off and let him sleep. He slept the rest of the night for her.
Rachel said she noticed less energy in him this morning and he kinda just wanted to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. He kept his breakfast down, so the less energy is a sign of impending illness - ick. We picked the boys up this morning and we could all tell Jax wasn't feeling great. He had a tantrum leaving Rachel's house because he had to put his jacket on before going out the door. Hmmm, his tantrums are out of hand at this point, somethings definitely up.

We get him in the car and suddenly his nose is pouring snot and he starts coughing continuously. He starts to look so pitiful and his cheeks get red - uh, oh... this is always his sign of needing an Albuterol breathing treatment. He puked on himself in the car and we got home as soon as we could (it was a small puke - not the spraying the entire vehicle in a violent manner type that I really am glad to not have seen in a long time). I hooked Jax up to the pulse-ox machine as soon as we got in the door and he was in the high 80's. We gave him a treatment and it went up to about 95-97, so I was comfortable treating him at home with that improvement. His temp was hanging around 100, so there was no "real fever" or anything yet.

We hooked him up to a Pedialyte pump and I laid in bed with him for awhile and finally put him in his bed to get a good nap.
Throughout the rest of the day and night he got breathing treatments and did pretty good. I got 2oz of food him for a little nourishment, and then during his bath I gave him Zofran and Tylenol to digest while he relaxed in the bath. Now he's on a slow pump of 1oz/hr of Pedialyte while he sleeps. My hopes are that he'll get 12oz through the night, which will help him feel more energy and all around better when he gets up.
These are times that I love having his feeding tube. It really does keep him home to get better since he still displays such an easy vomit-trigger. He keeps proving to us that he still needs it, and I know we're lucky to live in a time when this type of medical advancement saves our little guy time and time again.

So lets hope he can purge this cold without it infecting his lungs. I think his little body would like to stay pneumonia-free awhile longer!
In the meantime, I'm loading up on my Emergen-C vitamin drink twice a day and taking some zinc to try and fight this off. Brady is doing great, but I've never seen one child with a runny nose and the other one not get it, but maybe this will be the time?? Until then, Brady's getting super healthy food and vitamins these few days too!! Eh, at least I can say we tried, right?

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