Friday, December 30, 2011

Ticket to the hospital

We've had quite the last few days. Last night, Jax wasn't responding to his Albuterol treatments and he really worried me. I checked his O2 levels and it wouldn't get out of the 80's. I called an ambulance and texted Jay (he was in Missouri). Jay called our neighbors (who is a doctor) and they were there quick. Our neighbor stayed with Brady and Jax and I were whisked away to Children's Hospital.

Jax would do well with their Albuterol treatments, but soon enough start to decline. His chest X-Ray was clear, so their thought was that Jax's Chronic Lung Disease was causing him to not respond well to the virus (which was the original thought from the doc the day before). They did see that his other ear infected, but that wouldn't be the lung issue. They gave a liquid anti inflammatory steroid (Orapred) that seemed to help, and got him to get his O2 sats up in the mid 90's. After a few hours, they let me take him home (my neighbor threw Brady in the car at 3am and got us), but I had to take him to the pediatrician first thing in the morning and give Jax that liquid steroid for the next 4 days.

Well, at this point Jason is catching the first flight home this morning, and I already have the boys packed up to get to the doctor. Jax did well at the appointment, but the doc wasn't pleased with how bad his lungs responded to this cold. She told us to stay the path of Albuterol, the antibiotic and the new steroid. He should not show any further decline.

Fast forward to after nap time and Jax couldn't stop coughing and vomiting. Jason and I held him down to administer Albuterol, and it didn't help. This was about 2 hrs after the last dose I had given him prior.

I took him immediately back to his doctor and he was down right miserable. His O2 was back down to 88-90 and his energy was gone. The doc didn't like that he needed Albuterol so often. The little guy bought himself an admission to the hospital!

So we're here now. Rachel and Dennis took Brady, and Jason brought Jax and our things. They have Jax on Albuterol every 2 hrs to keep up with him (hmmm, how to sleep?) and a slow Pedialyte pump overnight. Let's hope he keeps that down so we can stay away from the dreaded IV!

Please send good thoughts so that we can be out of here soon, and pray for the hospital staff since I'm tired enough to possibly go bat poop crazy on them if they wake him up more than necessary - love teaching hospitals!


Melinda said...

I'm so sorry that Jax had to be admitted to the hospital. I'm hoping and praying that he responds to the treatment and gets to go home soon. Hang in there!

Cisilia "cc" said...

Sending prayers you guys will get out of there soon and that sweet Jax will be back to normal soon!