Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where are the hiding places?

Tell my kids to stop hiding things!
Brady broke into Jason's wallet the other day. I saw him with it, so I took it from him. The next morning at the airport, Jason noticed that all his cards were moved around and he was missing his frequent flyer card and a credit card. Ask me if I can find them at home... that would be a no.
Now let's talk about the ornaments on the tree. The boys don't touch the "tree", but rather, they love to play with the ornaments. Ask me how many are missing... a lot.
I have this image that I'll find all these random things some day in a really weird place when the kids are off to college.

The boys had their Christmas party at Health Reach today. They did much better this year than they have in past years. At first they refused to go in by Santa, but after they watched another little set of twins do it and get PRESENTS, then they wanted to. Shocking.
Jax had an amazing day of speech and feeding therapy with Mr. Nick. We also found out that he was approved through insurance for another full year of weekly speech on top of his feeding, so that was some surprisingly good news. Mr Nick said that kids that get 2 days a week at school tend to get denied any private sessions, so I'm glad to see we get the extra help.

Brady sorting through puzzles during our library visit.

Brady found a Santa hat during the party and wouldn't take it off! Maybe I should put one in his stocking :)

Jax saying "Bubbo POP"

Slam dunk Jax!

Santa photo! Can you tell Jax only cared about the present and wanted to be far from the people in red!

Craft time!

The boys making ornaments with another set of identical boy twins in plaid fleece shirts! The boys are named Jackson and Brian, how crazy is that? Jackson has a speech delay and his brother Brian needs a wheel chair to get around from nerve damage due to low blood flow. I was shocked when the mom told me this story! She asked about my boys and I told her our Jaxon was a reverse from hers and he has nerve damage in his GI system requiring feeding tubes so far. She shook her head in amazement. There were 4 sets of identical twins at this party, and we were the first of three parties (it goes by age groups). I guess the moral of the story is that sharing a placenta is the pits! (I say that with a half smile)

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