Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back in the hospital

I have so much to write about Jax's Swallow Study and our appointment with the feeding team yesterday (all was good), but we had bigger events take place last night.

Both of the boy's colds got pretty bad, and poor Brady was just miserable and didn't even want to get off the couch. He actually was in his bed for a "nap" from 12-5pm, so that bothered me. Jax was decent in the morning while we were at the feeding clinic (slight cough, runny nose), but when I got him home, he crashed for a 2 hour nap. I figured he was just tired from being up vomiting a few times the night before, but when I got him up, he was lethargic and had a sudden temperature of 103.8. He had labored breathing, so I gave him Tylenol and Albuterol. He was also vomiting off and on.

I called his pediatrician to ask for her direction of what to do, and she said she was booked solid (it was probably 4 pm by this point) but Jax had to go to Urgent Care with the sudden temp spike and a need for Albuterol already with only 5 days off from his steroid course and last illness.

I took both boys in, and had the doctor look at Brady since he wasn't reacting typical to a cold either. Well it turns out that Brady has another ear infection (seriously!) and Jax had to have another chest XRay since the doctor could hear some issues in his lungs. Jax vomited all over me about 4 different times while we were there. The chest XRay came back and the Urgent Care doc said he had pneumonia and she was on the phone with our pediatrician.

Since Jax couldn't keep his meds down he had to be admitted. Jason is in Texas for work, and it's getting late at  night at this point, so I was kinda stuck with the boys. Dennis came to the hospital and brought Brady home to put him to bed around 10pm, so we could check Jax into the hospital upstairs (I go right to the hospital's Urgent Care, so there was no "transport"). Jax had to be in isolation, so Brady couldn't come  up to the room with us.
I turned the lights out in the room we were in at Urgent Care, and tried to get the boys to rest until we could all move onto the next phase of the night.

I got Brady sent on his way, and we transferred Jax upstairs to be admitted. Rachel is at the house with Brady today and getting him his antibiotics. Jason will be home tonight to take over.

After a few hours with doctors up in Jax's room, they said they don't know or assume he has pneumonia from, and think it's possibily some sort of virus they see in his lungs. A big concern for them was his high fever and apparently he had a few times of a very high heart rate (150) so they swabbed his nose to search for some virus'.
The docs agreed to let us try a very slow Pedialyte pump on him (1 oz an hr) to see if that would hydrate him. The doc said that if  he pukes, or he doesn't pass the hydration test today, they'll IV him. I'm so glad they listened to my 2am plead, because Jax hasn't puked on the slow pump so far, so we'll see he passes their hydration tests. IV's with Jax are unbearably awful, so I'm really hoping we can avoid it!

So we sit here and wait to see if any answers come. I'm hoping we can both snooze off and on today to catch up on some sleep. The weather outside looks awful, so we may just hybernate in the cozy room together today!


Jamie said...

I'm thinking and praying for you guys. xoxo

Melinda said...

So sorry to hear you are in the hospital again. You, Jax, and Brady are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they are feeling better soon and stay better!

Michele said...

Unbelievable! You've had the worst cold/flu season, seriously! I remember going through something similar with my 1st but we didn't end up in the hospital quite as much. In addition to non-stop colds, she had recurrent sinus infections at ages 3 & 4 and was on like 4 or 5 different kinds of antibiotics for WEEKS to finally get over it (and she was needing flovent and albuterol as well). It's a tough age. Good news is, kids tend to be a LOT healthier starting around age 5, when their adrenals start producing DHEA and other hormones that help mature the immune system. This too shall pass...

Matt & Shana said...

Oh no sweetie I'm so sorry, I will say a prayer for you and for a speedy recovery for the boys!!