Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good follow up

Jax's health is greatly improving. The doctor said he sounded good today, and to just keep up on his meds/treatments through the course. He has the liquid steroid and antibiotic, and then the inhaled steroid Flovent that he takes daily regardless, and the Albuterol inhaler until his cough is gone. Jax has to stay in a bubble this week, so no school since he's really receptive to illness with his immune system down. No problemo.

I received a call from the feeding clinic at Children's asking to set up an appointment for Jax to see the GI specialist on Monday for an exam. Ohhhh this makes me cringe since Jax lost a pound last week with his illness. The poor little bean only weighs 23.5 lbs - EEEK! That's the weight of a 15 month old baby, hmm, I think Jax may have actually weighed that at 15 months now that I think of it!

Yes, now I will have anxiety about this upcoming appointment.

The boys are back to their monkey-ways of arguing, wrestling and all around crazy little guys. To me, it's the sound of health!!

The boys patiently waiting by the door this morning to go to the doctor.

*I looked it up, and Jax weighed 22lbs at 15months old, and even then he was a bit underweight. Needless to say, we've had weight struggles for the past 2 years!


AJU5's Mom said...

I am a regular "lurker" of your blog - since about the time the boys were born. I just wanted to say my totally healthy, normal 2 year old weighed 23.5 lbs at his 2 year check up. His big sister was only 24.5 lbs at 2 years too. So, although I know you want him to gain weight, he isn't THAT tiny :)

Annie and Jason said...

Hey Christian, nice to see you!

Jax is 3.5 yrs old :) If he were 2, then yup, I totally agree with you!

It helps that he's short, so at 35" and 23.5 lbs, he certainly does look like a decently healthy 2 yr old!

Christina said...

J weighs 34 pounds at almost 3 K 21.3 as of last nights 1.5 liters of water weight added via the IV hoping clinic goes good for you! We are stuck inpatient while they clean her out an decide upon the tube :(