Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hospital Update

Jaxon's X-Ray doesn't show pneumonia, so he doesn't have to start IV antibiotics, but he did start a nasty ear infection, so he will be getting antibiotics through his tube with Pedialyte tonight over night. He's still on the Orapred steroid and getting Albuterol every 4 hours, and Flovent every 12 hours. He's just having lung complications from the RSV, which isn't surprising given his lung disease history. I'm just so thankful he didn't get this as an infant.
The good news is that the antibiotic they're treating Jax with for the ear infection may help thwart off bacteria from settling in his lungs. There's one positive! I guess another positive is that he's keeping liquids down, so his GI system shows nice strength compared to in the past. Wait, I have more positives... Jax still hasn't needed oxygen during this nasty virus. He needs monitoring and some help with medication, but he's holding his own.

He's resting comfortably now and I'm going to try and get some rest as well since I know I'll be woken up with Jax during his rounds tonight.

I'll update more tomorrow!

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Jenn said...

Hugs to you all! Illness is bad enough but in poor Jax it is so much more scary!