Friday, January 6, 2012

Kick butt TUMMY!

We've had a good healing week, although Brady had a slight runny nose this morning which made me want to crawl out of my skin thinking a new cold has already come into the house. But I haven't seen it since this morning, so maybe it was a fluke.

The boys had good therapy and school days this week. Jax drank an entire yogurt smoothie with his feeding therapist. That's 3 oz... that is the most he's ever consumed by mouth in a sitting in his entire LIFE! His tummy is doing amazing and I have his pump rate up to 150mls/hr (that's 5 oz an hour), the fastest he's ever been! Mind you, he was taking 3 hrs for a pump-feeding just a few months ago, and now it takes about 1hr, 15 mins - HOLY COW! And he's still increasing the rate each day, so rock on Jax man!
Tonight was Jax's last day of antibiotics and he has about 5 days left of his Orapred steroid. His last follow up doctor appointment is Wednesday and hopefully everything checks out well. I think it will.

I made sure to take a few pictures for y'all...

We used our Christmas money to buy the boys used IPod touches off Craigslist. Well, they're so entranced with them that we have to actually limit their use! They play preschool puzzles and match up games as well as watch their movies on them.

Jax "helping" me cut up veggies for dinner last night.

After I was finished preparing the meal, I turned to find this little piece of art and Jax hiding behind it!

The boys finding a way to play each other on the air hockey table.

Jax likes to pretend to eat most every meal now. I gave him some cereal to play around with while Brady ate breakfast. In the past, Jax never has had any feeding therapy in the mornings because he was always so sick before 10am. I love seeing him want to touch food!


Melissa said...

Rock on Jax! I love the picture of the boys playing air hockey.

Angela said...

Keep rockin', Jax!