Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nice weekend

Yup, it was a nice family weekend. We spent a lot of time with the kids, and even attended our friend's Janel and Steve's engagement party on Saturday. We had breakfast out at a fabulous little local pancake restaurant this morning and the boys were pretty good.

Jax is counting pretty good now to about 13. I need to record him and attach here for you all, it's rather adorable since you know what he's saying, but the articulation just makes you smile.
His poor bum is pretty torn up from the heavy antibiotics that he was on, so we're in healing mode with that. Tomorrow Jax sees the GI specialist for a final exam before the feeding clinic next week (YES, already next week!), so cross your fingers he gets a passing score!

Brady gave me a GREAT surprise today (yes, that's sarcastic) and decided to explore a tube of diaper rash cream ON the living room rug... that's wool. He had it all over his face, legs and some of the couch. I had to google how to clean it, and while I got about 80% of it out, I can still see it. Grrrrr, it's rather hard to keep things nice when you have toddler twin boys, but this one was just pure curiosity of a product that hasn't been out in a very long time.

After Jax's clinic, we want to start pushing potty training a little bit more. Jay's sister told him to put the potties in the living room and have them watch a show while sitting on them. At some point they will go to the bathroom and we can celebrate in hopes they'll start getting the connection. Since the boys still don't seem to have any idea of how to MAKE their bodies do anything when they sit on the potties each night, I think that's the only logical step. Who knows, maybe in one month when I really want to start pushing it more, they'll be a little more ready then. Time shall tell! Ha, I won't hold my breath :)

**I had some pictures to show you all tonight, but our camera won't download to the computer. Sigh... always something, right? This camera needed to last another 6 months because we wanted to save up for a nice camera that we have our eye on! Such is life...

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N said...

Hi, I am a frequent reader, but I hardly ever comment. I wanted to suggest using Ilex paste on his bum. My son had a bowel surgery, which made his bms very acidic for a while. You must use vaseline over it, or their little cheeks will stick together. It is basically a waterproof seal. We still use it for bad rash. You can get it on ebay for about 7 bucks a tube. Hope that helps and he feels better soon!