Sunday, January 15, 2012

Poop is still gross.

Jax is still kicking butt and taking names with is pump rate. It's so nice to have such quick feedings!

Nothing too exciting has been going on to report, but last night was quite the interesting bath. I put the boys in the tub and started doing my routine of folding their laundry to put away while they played in the water. Jax refused to sit down and kept reaching out to me. I kept telling him to sit and was ignoring his request for me to get him out. He kept yelling, "PO!", which I thought was "pod" and I explained him that he doesn't get the IPod when in the tub or getting ready for bed.
Well finally I grew tired of the non-stop whining, so I just started washing him up while he stood, until I saw it.... um, PO meant POOP. Brady pooped in the tub and Jax apparently and understandably didn't want to sit in toilet water!


So I tried to scoop out the poo, and Jax started picking it up - G.R.O.S.S.
I pulled both boys out and Jason filled our tub up with water and the boys had a bath in there. The last time we put them in our tub, they were scared, but this time, they treated it like a swimming pool! They loved it thankfully. The other tub was disinfected and I can still honestly say even after 3.5 years of double diapers... I still think poop is gross. Jason is even worse with it, so you can imagine the amount of cleaner used in that tub.

Brady has started a nasty cough. Everyone together now... AWESOME. There's no way Jax won't start coughing soon, but all I hope for is that he's healthy enough to take his swallow study at the hospital tomorrow and to meet with the feeding team to review his clinic stay next month. He's getting his increased daily preventative, so I'm feeling confident he shouldn't experience lung "troubles", but he does need to be non-congested for his testing tomorrow, so please cross your fingers!

Brady being Brady!

The boys favorite thing to do with the doll house is to ring the door bell and let each other in.

We took the boys to Red Robin last night and they were pretty good. But here's Jax on his Ipod and Jay watching a playoff game. Two peas in a pod. Notice Jax's chocolate milk. We cut the straw down and he drank a bit! Otherwise, watching a movie on the pod was the only thing to keep him entertained while we all ate. Someday...

Our little fishies in our tub!

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