Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday morning update

Jax had a rough early evening last night. He was breathing very fast, whimpering and started burning up. He spiked a fever and really couldn't even move.
I moved Jax to the chair with me to get him to sit up a little bit, but he just fell asleep breathing super fast. I transferred him to his bed while the nurse administered Tylenol and I had a conference wtih the doctors.

They all suspect pneumonia for sure at this point with the obvious decline he's having. We could tell he was much more comfortable once the Tylenol set in.

Overnight his pulse-ox alarm went off a few times (that means his oxygen sats were dipping below 90) but then this morning around 5am, it was constant. The problem is that each time the alarm goes off, it startles Jax awake, and then his sats go back up around 92, then he'd fall asleep and as soon as he'd get into a deep enough sleep, it would happen all over again. So finally around 6am, I put a movie on and sat with him to relieve him of the awful cycle.

The docotor came in around 6:45 to review him, and Jax was trying to vomit at the time. The doc said that his breathing improved from 150 to the 130s for a little bit overnight, but now he thinks it's back up again. He also said, this can't be complications from RSV being this tough on him a week later, so it's definitely pneumonia.
Poor bean :(

Hopefully today gets better!

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Praying, praying, praying...