Sunday, January 1, 2012

We're home! Happy New Year!

Yay, way to start the new year!

Jax did well last night (Saturday night) and didn't require any oxygen. He was able to push his Albuterol need up to every 4 hours this afternoon, and he only vomited once with all the extra fluid and food, so he stayed hydrated. We were able to get him home just in time for bed tonight.
He's getting Albuterol every 4 hours, Orapred (the luquid steroid) every 24 hours, Flovent every 8 hours and Amoxacillin every 12 hours (for the double ear infection). His energy is back and he's getting back to his willful ways!
I'll be bringing Jax back to see his pediatrician on Tuesday to see if we have to continue the steroid any further and to have a general check up.
One thing that struck us funny as we were going over discharge papers with the nurse was that the hospital diagnosed Jaxon with "asthma" along with his Chronic Lung Disease. We always knew that was a possibility since Jax's lung issues in the NICU. I asked the nurse if he was officially diagnosed this, and she said that Jax was under "asthma protocol" for the hospital, but his doctor will have to give the "final" diagnosis. So I'm interested to see what the doc has to say on Tuesday.

Well, we're SO happy to be home and plan to ring in our own new year tomorrow with taking down holiday decorations, doing some much needed (ohhh it's needed) cleaning and grocery shopping, and just really enjoy being home together!  Happy New Year everyone!


Michele said...

My daughter started getting the "asthma protocol" after a near-fatal bout of croup at age 4. But she completely outgrew it by age 6 and was never officially diagnosed with asthma. I think it's more a precaution. I'm glad he's on the mend!

Annie and Jason said...

Michele - that is a fabulous story! We've been told Jax had a strong possibility of asthma since he was born with lung issues (underdeveloped lungs due to low blood flow in utero)and will deal with Chronic Lung Disease his whole life.
I like to be hopeful and think he may swing away from it though!
I'm so glad to hear your daughter was able to avoid it as a life-long issue!

Melissa said...

Glad you are all home. I have had asthma since I was very young, but it has always been very well controlled. I know what sets me off and what to avoid.

Wendy said...

Glad he's home and doing better, Annie <3