Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We're home :)

Jax's viral swab came back positive for RSV. I love having an answer!

RSV is basically a bad upper respiratory cold that can be lethal to infants, and especially newborns and preemies. The boys had monthly immunizations from this virus when they were infants. RSV is a very common illness that is spread around schools and daycares, so the boys were bound to get it. I'm just glad it was as late in age as it is.
The good news is that it only gave Jax one night in the hospital without any need for oxygen, so that tells us his preventative is doing it's job right now. He is back on the Predisolone steroid for the week while he fights the virus. He's getting his Albuterol treatments as well, but he's fever free and keeping food and liquid down to be hydrated. I'm bringing Jax to the doctor in about an hour for his follow up to make sure he's on track being home.

So this makes sense why Brady was reacting odd to a "cold" as well. Since Brady doesn't have underlying medical problems, he'll purge this like a normal cold, although it did go into his ear, which stinks that he's on ear infection #3 now in the last 3 months.

I'll update if anything happens at the appointment this morning that's worth repeating, otherwise we're in healing mode around here. I will update details about the feeding clinic appointment and swallow study in the next day or so.
Brrrr, bundle up, it got so cold suddenly!!


Christina said...

Ugh been there done that on RSV :(
On a side note Kendryk is getting a tube both a G and a J I can't remember if you have ever done a J

Annie and Jason said...

Jax had a GJ tube for one year. It wasn't a separate surgery. The G and J were thread inside each other and a Radiologist placed the J part down in into the intestines.
We vented out the G tube line into a small diaper that we tucked into Jax's pants, and then replaced the lost fluids with Pedialyte into his feed. He had a slow pump of 23 hrs a day feeding him. It got him thru the worst of it as a baby.
Good luck and hang in there.