Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The amazement of 3 yr olds

I apologize for the lack of photos, our camera is still not working. We're trying to figure out a solution this weekend because I NEED to document Jax's clinic experience starting Monday. I actually would like to print up a photo book of his progress... so a camera is needed! No worries, we'll work it out.

I had a nice conversation with Jax's teacher on the phone yesterday. Jax is basically missing all of Jan and half of February for school, so we wanted to touch base. She said that she was telling one of the aides in class about Jax's clinic coming up and one of the little girls overhead them. The girl asked why Jax was going to the hospital, so the teacher realized she needed to address the class about it since he's gone so much and didn't want them to worry. She sat the class down on the reading carpet and they talked about how Jax only drinks water while they all enjoy their snack. She said it was so cute because a little boy shouted, "yeah, he eats through his special backpack!", awe...
The teacher explained that Jax was going to a special school to learn how to eat and would be back in a few weeks. The kids asked if they could bring him cupcakes, (again, AWE) and the teacher said that would probably be a bit too much for him, but he may be able to join in on pudding-day.

Seriously, the wonder of a 3 yr old is just TOO precious. It's also another reminder to me to push to hold the boys back a year since their cognition is just NOT as far as most other 3 year olds.

Jaxon's speech is really taking off this week. He came up to me with a feather yesterday and said, "tickle tickle tickle!", where do they get this stuff from? He's saying so many things that I'm really catching onto now.
Brady's school-speech-teacher had a good session with him yesterday (Tuesday) and gave me a handout about Apraxia. How strange that she gave me this as Brady's OTHER therapist brought up Apraxia to me last week. They're obviously on the same page and don't even know each other. I asked her if she officially diagnosed Brady, and she no, but he's definitely on this path, and she has to work with him through the school year like she is. I don't know or understand the logistics of how all that works.

I realize each day how amazing Brady's memory is. He truly will remember the TINIEST thing if only shown once.
I took him to Target this week, and sure enough, he walked right up to the Starbucks that is located inside, grabbed an apple juice box, then put it on the counter to be bought. How he remembered that we did that a month ago is beyond me! But really, it's awesome that he will sit perfectly in the cart for a good 20 minutes if you give him this juice.
Jax is a renegade and refuses to go inside the cart. They're very different this way!

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Angie said...

Love your blog! See if there are any software updates for your camera by going to the manufacturer's website. Whenever my camera has issues, many times it is fixed by software updates.