Friday, February 17, 2012

The beginning of the end

Someone said that to me yesterday when I said we were going home, and it's TRUE!

This morning definitely had a bit of anxiety for Jason and I as we were each scrambling a bit with not having Jax's supplies and looking at the piled paperwork that needed to be done for actual work.

I was able to run to the store and get the immersion blender (which ROCKS) and to the grocery store to stock up. Jax had a complete crying meltdown at the store because I wouldn't let him touch any toys. Then Brady was super naughty at the grocery store. He shot out the door and could've gotten hit by a car - PARENTING FAIL. I was soooo mad at him and scolded him pretty badly. He just gave me the sad face, but I truly do not believe I got my point across.

Jax did pretty good with food today. He definitely pushed the limits and realized real quick that neither Jason or I will be budging on any of the rules. I had to turn him to the corner during his afternoon snack once, but otherwise he complied to all our requests.

We're learning how to prep all his meals, and how to make extra to freeze to make a stock pile (read: I will have all meals ready for Jason next weekend). I took all the advice and put the extra food in an ice cube tray to store the cubes in freezer bags. Thanks, I think this is the best way to go while we work on volume.

Poor Jax gagged on my lasagna tonight since I made it too pasty. I had to re-blend with milk to make it more of a liquid. I'm learning!

It's so nice to be home, and I admit that I REALLY missed Brady. After spending so much alone time with Jax, it feels strange to hold Brady because he feels like such a bigger kid. Well, in relation to Jax, he's bigger. He's taller and just more solid, so I feel like he is suddenly turning into such a kid versus a toddler. I admit to doing a lot of stolen snuggles with him and his big noggin. I just love that bean!
I heard a loud thud today and heard Brady crying. I asked what happened and suddenly Jax says, "Uh-oh, Bubba fell dowe". I love these sentences!

So today is the beginning of the end of tube-feeding some day hopefully! I'm determined to have Jax show a nice weight gain for his appointment in a couple weeks!

The boys being... well, themselves!

Our first family dinner ALL eating.

My beautiful green beans and lasagna tray ready to freeze.

Jax peeking over Brady's shoulder watching The Little Mermaid.


mlwindc said...

Long time lurker here with a quick comment - I made all my son's baby food and really loved the beaba cook freezer trays for larger portions (when you get to that). For small portions, I found these to be really handy: because you can directly FREEZE it. You can also pack it up straight from the freezer if you are eating out or going somewhere and don't have to worry so much about food safety issues.

Just some unsolicited tips -- I did do the ice cube trays / plastic bags, but I found that the individual covered cubes were great. Good luck tube weaning; I'm following along and hoping for some weight gain!

Jenn said...

I made all of my first son's baby food and am currently doing my seconds. I found this site SO useful the first time around and also the second ( They have great food prepping tips, what freezes well, what doesn't, what may seperate, what may be chunking, etc. I LOVE this site. For example, peas once thawed tend to be lumpy because the seperate a little, I reblend it a little bit to get it mixed and smooth again. Good luck! Routing you all on!

Doubly Blessed said...

this is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!