Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 2

I see progress.

We had a bumpy start this morning with Jaxon's blood sugar, but for the opposite reason we expected. His count was high at 148, then re-tested at 204 an hour later. Odd that it would be HIGH with very little food. They checked his urine and said it was inconclusive, but they're assuming his body is responding to the fasting and spiking a high count with 970ml's of Pedialyte given overnight as well. Jax was his active bubbly self, so we'll just see what the numbers are tomorrow.

Tonight, Jax only needs 740ml's of Pedialyte given while he sleeps since he consumed that much more in fluids today. That means he drank a good amount of chocolate milk at meal times. Typically 1-3 oz each time.

The breakfast feed was a bit tough to start, then he did well, but then had a hard time finishing up. Lunch time went amazing with a new psychologist, that happens to be a man. He gave Jax fist bumps and tickles for every reached goal. It was great to see such a good feed. The dinner started slow when Jax sobbed from leaving me to go into the feeding chair, but he did well at the end with "Bat Cave" sized bites like Bat Man. I see progress with the quality and size of bites and drinks he's taking.

We had to switch his paper cup to a plastic cup because he kept biting the cup and getting wax in his mouth. He also got scolded a lot for spitting his milk out down his shirt (he was changed 3 times today and had his first shower). He was only turned around once to calm down, much better than yesterday. He also showed some handy work with a straw today, that was cool.

Rachel and Brady visited late morning and the boys ran around the room playing. I guess Brady had a tough time at Speech Therapy this morning, and wouldn't let go of Rachel. I assume he's confused as to why Mama and Jax have been at the hospital so much lately. Jason will be with him and have him here by us, so hopefully that helps.

I actually video recorded Jax's lunch session today, but realized I don't have the video program on this computer to download and upload, so I'll have to do that stuff when we're home.

Jax full of chocolate milk.

Jax playing doctor with the art class instructor.

The monitor wasn't working today, so here's a pic from the double mirror during Jax's lunch.

Jax kissing his Tubie Friend bear and looking out the hospital window.

Jax showing his muscles after his shower.


Jenn said...

I know we would all do what we needed for our children but I still say, "God bless you." How hard this must be in so many ways. So glad you are already seeing progress. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Valerie said...

AW, these pictures are so cute! GO JAX!!!!

D. said...

Woo hoo! Sound like some great progress. Can't wait to hear about day 3.

Christina said...

we did the high sugas 2 weeks ago when K was admitted pfor obstruction (tube surgery has been delayed untill things resolve) but her sugar was way to high it evened out when fluid and pediasure started to get into her!

Wendy said...

Aw! I'm so excited this is going well for him! How awesome <3

Jamie said...

Aww...those are great pics, thanks for sharing!

So glad to hear the improvements.

Doubly Blessed said...

So excited! Go Jax go!