Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 3

Today was a very busy day. I have to really think hard to start from the beginning.

Jax's blood sugar count was 65, which is the low end of normal, and a much more expected reading. His numbers must have been all messed up as a response to the sudden decrease of food. Jax's weight this morning was back at the weight he checked in at (he was up a little bit yesterday most likely from all the fluid given right before weigh-in).
*If Jax's weight ever gets below 5%, he will be given formula through his tube at night, otherwise we just stay the course we're at right now with just fluid given at night.

Speaking of fluid at night, Jax is down to needing 700 ml's (just over 23oz). Jax improved today from yesterday and had rather good sessions all day. He cried each time walking into the room with just the therapist and getting strapped into the chair, but calmed easily each time. He incresed his intake each time and even had 4 oz of milk in one sitting including many bites of food (which were purree green beans with cheese and also Spaghetti-O's sauce for dinner).

He has a tough time at the very end of the meal and needs a lot of direction and motivation to finish up, but otherwise he's doing great. I'm so excited to see what the end result will be. I will be stepping in during the weekend, then Jay next week and then all of us (me, Jason and Brady) for the last few sessions so Jax is used to the family dinamic.

We kept busy today with a few things. After breakfast I took Jax to the Art Therapy class, then after lunch we went to a BINGO party sponsored by the Greenfield Fire Dept. And then around dinner time, Auntie Rachel and Uncle D came with Brady to visit and also support Jax through his dinner feed.

It's safe to say Jax was asking to go to bed well before 7pm tonight!

Jax having breakfast with Dr. Silverman. Jax has a hard time consuming large drinks each time he attempts a drink.

So Dr. Silverman takes a straw with milk in one end and empties it into Jax's mouth, so he knows what an acceptable size of drink feels like in his mouth.
Jax got pretty upset at the end, but was forced to finish the cup regardless.

Jax coloring a wooden bus and car for Brady during our art class.

Enjoying a game of Connect Four, and playing by his own rules.

Fireman's BINGO (it was a lot of fun!)

Jax won this huge fire truck and a Spiderman version of Chutes and Ladders!

Too bad the truck ended up being a complicated MODEL instead of a toy! (Anyone out there enjoy these sorts of things and want it??)

Jax's best meal to date - dinner tonight, 4 oz of milk! (His milk is whole milk mixed with heavy cream and chocolate syrup)

I have such sweet friends. We came back from dinner to some surprises. My friends Sara and Sam sent a toy and some amazing chocolate covered Oreos for me, MMMM (I'm eating some now!)

Brady enjoying the Fire Fighter helmet we got for him! This is one of my favorite things about this kiddo - he loves to dress up!


D. said...

Bets update yet! Keep 'em coming!

Kristen, Eric, and Evelyn said...

This is my first time commenting, but I've been cheering on your boys for a couple years now. Go Jaxon!!

Angela said...

Sounds like great progress! Go Jax!

Angie said...

My son LOVES putting together models. If you send it to me - my son will assemble it and we will send it back to you! Let me know. So happy to see how well he's doing!!