Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 5

Jaxon's weight went down 3.5 oz, so nothing much.

I fed Jax with the guidance of a doctor in the room this morning, and he drank 6 oz of milk (I hold the record!).

Lunch was harder. I'm  not sure he was really hungry yet since the meal was about a half hour early. Jax struggled a bit and had to face the wall to calm down, but he still had about  4  oz of milk.

At dinner, I was left alone and guided through a mic in my ear. Jax did great and while he had about 4.5 oz of milk, he actually had a decent amount of food. We mixed vitamins in his food that he finished completely. We could tell he was getting full, so I felt good knowing he was filled up.

Jax's total fluid need overnight went down again, so there was definite progress. He is down to 580ml's tonight.

Brady had a good day at school this morning and was REALLY excited to see balloons in Jax's room today. The boys played hard and it seems that Brady gets bored much easier/faster in the room. Maybe Jax is just more acclimated to being content in this place. I'm starting a cold and I hope it doesn't blow up too big. I may have Jay stay tomorrow and night and sleep at home one night to get a full night of sleep.

I'm really excited and anxious for what the weekend brings without the doctors in the room!

New day of art.

Jax listening to Anna's heart. Anna is the other feeding clinic patient.

Yup, Brady insisted on walking the Elmo balloon on our walk.

I hid this Christmas present away and pulled it out today. The boys LOVED playing Hungry Hippos.

Here I am watching Jaxon's swallow technique and praising for good drinks.

Working with a straw.

Brady pretending to coach us along.

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Sara said...

love those boys.... and you too!