Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 7

Jax's weight remained steady as of this morning. His fluid need is down a tiny bit to 565 ml's.

Jason did the breakfast and lunch feeds, and did better each time. Jax held back a pretty big puke from the gritty vitamin mixed in the food, so it was more practice on how to handle that. We're buying a pill crusher when the pharmacy opens tomorrow so we can make the vitamin into a fine powder instead of crushed granuals.

We're trying to mock the family setting we'll have at home, so we had Brady eat his dinner across the table from Jax tonight. I fed Jax, and Jason tended to Brady and rooted Jax on for good behavior. As expected, Jax pushed his limits and tried to screw around during the session. I had to turn him around about 5 different times for either spitting his food or just playing around. He responded well, but he didn't get as much volume in the time requirement.

We were given a 3 hour pass today to leave the hospital. The insurance company allowed one, so we took it today between lunch and dinner. We took the boys to their first movie! We went down the road to Beauty and the Beast 3D, and the boys did great. Brady wore the glasses for a bit, but Jax didn't at all. They seemed to really enjoy themselves and we were wondering if Jax would be upset coming back to the hospital, but he wasn't at all.

Jax took about 15 small bites of ice cream and 2 oz of milk for his snack time. I'm glad he did since he didn't take a lot at dinner. He's still really chipper and the only one in the family not seeming too affected by the hospital stay. I think he has a bunch of girl friends up here!

Here's a shot from yesterday. All the boys playing a video game.

First movie!

After dinner, Brady and Jason went home and without prompting, Jax hugged Jason and said, "I wuv u dada!" Oh... My... God, I could die from the cuteness.


Melissa said...

Yay! I love reading your updates and all the progress he makes each day. Jax is a rock star!

Kimberly said...

He is such an amazing little boy!

Wiley said...

Loving reading all this progress! I'm amazed you're able to keep up the documentation, but it will make such a great record!

Jamie said...

YAY! It sounds like you guys are having a successful time at the clinic.That is great that he was okay going back to the hospital and its amazing they both sat through the movie! Mine definitely wouldn't yet. haha

I'm so happy he said that to his daddy, too :)