Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 9

Better day!

Don't ask me how, but Jax gained a tiny bit of weight.
I had Jax alone at breakfast since Jason and Brady were at speech class. Jax did a great job, so the big question was - how was he going to do at lunch alone with me AND Brady. He did just fine. Today's trick was a drawing of the elevator sitting next to him. It was used as his PASS to go to the elevator and push the buttons.

I don't hate bribery. Hey, everyone wins.

We did a family dinner with me feeding Jax and Jay focused on Brady. It went great. Our goals now will be to get the boys alone with Jason successfully and for Jason focused on Jax during a family meal. If it all goes smoothly, we may get to go home by Thursday night and continue our therapy at home. You never know how it's going to go with a three year old!

Jax's fluid need went down a bit to 610 ml's tonight. He took a decent bedtime snack of banana pudding and chocolate milk. I can't wait to get the blenderized diet menu from the docs to go home with. I mean... how does one puree a taco??

Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day! Jax painted his nurse a cute valentine in his art therapy class this morning - of course she loved it :) We took the boys to the "party" hosted by the hospital after lunch. I got to see the other feeding patient's family all together and talk to the mom for a little bit and say good bye. She was discharged tonight since she met her goals, and it was too difficult to get a family environment together (there are 5 kids and the husband works 2 shift). They are a predominately Spanish speaking family, so that posed some challenges working through an interpreter I guess. The mom of the little girl is just a sweetheart. She told me that we are special moms that God chose. Awe, that was sweet. But I wonder who was chosen to care for the sad newborn next to us who was brought by a policeman and CPS. The poor baby is crying and it's taking EVERYTHING in my power to not go in there and rock that poor peanut. I just want to scoop it up being left all alone in that room (sad face!)

Jason doing a craft with the boys at the party. Notice he's wearing his special bracelet from the boys!

Jax's nurse/girlfriend, Sara!


Jamie said...

Awww...sounds like its been a great few days! I'm so sad for that newborn baby, too.

I will be praying that you guys get discharged on Thursday!

Kimberly said...

Yay Jax!! I am so happy today was a great one for you guys.