Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hangin' in there

Ahh yes, I've had quite the week of feeding Jax. There have been many time outs and many stand offs. It was nice to watch Jason feed Jax tonight, but he was able to definitely get more food in him than I've been able to do. It's interesting because Jax whines and reaches for me if I sit at the table and eat and am not feeding him. I think he really has that "comfort" relationship with me, so maybe that's why I'm having the hardest time disciplining him through eating. I will say, "Jax, if you don't drink your milk by the time I count to three.." and he interrupts, "or time out". Um, yes.
I may need to find something else because he never even whines when I pick him up to take upstairs. He doesn't make a PEEP while laying on his bed. It's so odd!
If Brady is naughty and I tell him to go to his room, he'll get a sad face and whimper and stomp all the way up to his room and throw himself on the bed very dramatically. They are SO different!

Otherwise the boys have been good. Jax didn't miss a beat at school on Tuesday and the teacher said he took a few bites of pudding and some milk during snack time, so that is cool. Jax sees his usual feeding therapist tomorrow and he plans to show off his skills.

I received an awesome package with a few tubs of Carnation Instant Breakfast today! Whoever you are, THANK YOU! There was no name on the package, so I don't know who to thank - that was so kind, thoughtful and sweet.

I will be gone through Sunday, so there will be a break here until Monday. Enjoy your weekend and send Jason some vibes of patience!

I found this while dusting the dining room yesterday. Yup, one of the boys (I'm assuming Brady) took a bottle of champagne off the wine rack, set it on a small table, and proceeded to try and OPEN it. Precious.

Jaxon earned a game on the pod for eating breakfast. He is watching Spiderman dance and Brady got his action figure to copy it dancing. You can also see here how much bigger Brady is getting than my little Jax-man.


Laney said...

They are so darn cute!

Amber Ellen said...

I love hearing about Jaxon's progress, and all the new things the boys are interested in. They are so cute! <3