Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Icky Fever

Big B was up last night with what we thought were night terrors. He kept crying out, but when we'd go in by him, he wouldn't open his eyes. This morning he spiked a small fever and refused breakfast. I gave him some Tylenol and after a half hour, he was running circles around the house.

He didn't want much to do with lunch, but ate a granola bar and took a 2.5 hour nap. By this point, his fever hit over 102 and he decided the couch was a good spot to lay for the rest of the afternoon with an apple, some flavored Pedialyte (which he thinks is juice) and some more Tylenol. He was back to playing once it all kicked in. He sounds slightly like Darth Vader when he's sleeping.

I'm hoping this is just one of those fever-bugs and it's nothing bigger. I have a ragging headache, but it may be because I've been starring at a scrolling computer screen for work. I'm going to bed now (hello 9:30pm!) to try and purge it. If poor Brady's head hurt like this, I feel bad for my little peanut!

Jax has been fine, although he's doing this crazy weird "start-of-the-meal-puke" thing that has me annoyed. Yes, I said annoyed. I literally leave him in a white t-shirt and give him a sip and then wait for him to puke. I have it down to a science now of how to best clean up and have the puke minimally hit things. After he pukes, he drinks and eats like a champ. It's so odd. We didn't have to do any time-outs again today, which is awesome! I'd just really like for him to stop the early heaves. I can't put out the puke rags or a bucket, because that's a "symbol" to him to puke, so the docs said to just let him do it and deal with it later. Well, that gets gross, so I try to have my rags in my lap and have cat-like reflexes to catch things. I fully impressed Jason this morning ;)

I did notice that his lips were more chapped than normal even with his humidifier running all night, so that's a sign to me that he's not getting enough fluid. I syringed in an ounce of water immediately after each meal tonight to try and help with that. I figure 5 extra ounces could help a bit.

I hate using his tube during the day... it feels like a set back, but I guess my "feelings" aren't as important as his physical health and can't push him.

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Jenn said...

My boys both had the fever bug. My oldest had the chapped lips and reduced urine output. They lose so much fluid with the fevers. Hope your house is feeling better soon :(