Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm back!

I had a nice weekend getaway with some great friends.
Jason was on daddy-duty and had some frustrations with Jaxon's lack of eating. I tell you, it IS maddening. I guess Jax completely refused his milk and started to puke it up every time Jason gave it to him. He called our feeding psychologist and had a conference with the dietitian as well. They assured him that this is all normal and expected.
Jax seems sick of the milk and it's gagging him, so now we push his food first and only sips of his milk or a yogurt smoothie. Since doing that, Jax has been taking about 6oz of food and a little fluid each meal.
I have a call into the psychologist to talk it all over with her today and possibly bring Jax in earlier this week. He has a scheduled feeding team evaluation on next Monday, but he may need to be seen sooner - we'll see.
Jason took the boys to the neighbor's house Friday night to play with their friends and Jason was able to see other adults. They all wanted to hear about Jax's feeding progress and it was our neighbor's birthday.
On Saturday, he did a Target-run to stock up on some new Spiderman figures to make feeding a little easier with bribes. Jason's parents came to see the boys, and Jason was able to sneak out for some cocktails with friends for a couple hours that night when the kids were in bed. *Do you notice he may realize why I need breaks too?? HA!
On Sunday, Jay was able to hit the grocery store with the boys and they all went to the gym before getting me at the airport.
I missed the boys even though it was just a couple days! It's nice to be home and back to our routine. My friend Valerie is coming over with her twins this afternoon for a play date for the kids, so the boys will be really excited about that.
I'll update tomorrow and attach some photos. I don't have any of the boys from the weekend since I had the camera with me in Rhode Island.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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