Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good behavior

Jax has been doing well with feeds regarding his behavior. He still has coughing, gagging and sometimes puking, but he is willing to sit and eat without much scolding or "therapy". He responds well to me counting to 3, since he knows he'll get a timeout no matter what.
I'm trying to feel him out when he's had enough, and today it worked well for lunch and dinner. I wish he could tell me he feels "full", but he still doesn't quite understand the feeling that ceasing food will make it feel better. He will learn!
He may live on yogurt, pudding and peanut butter sandwiches (pureed of course) for the rest of his life, but it's a start (smiley face!).

I kept Brady from speech therapy on Tuesday because he had explosive diarrhea and a slight rash (and gross nose). I was hoping to get him into the doctor thinking this is still from his fever last week (and possibly an untreated ear infection) while Jax was in school, but he couldn't be seen until 5pm. I monitored him, and he ran around like crazy and acted fine. He took a two hour nap and woke up with no rash and no sign of diarrhea for hours. I canceled his doctor appointment to see how he would be today. I don't want to take the boys inside a pediatrician's office unless absolutely necessary (germ purposes). Today he's fine!
We had a very low key day today which was nice. I got some work done and the boys did some time on the air hockey table, a game of jump-around on the furniture, a discovered play of The Cat in the Hat on Netflix (that's how I got some work done) and a lot of running around pretending to make action figures fly.

Doesn't this look exciting? No action has ever happened yet in the froggy potties...

The boys at 7am

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