Friday, March 2, 2012

Good plan for fall school year

I meant to update this last night, but time got away from me with work after the boys were down for the night. Poor Jason is driving around in nasty storms in the state of Missouri right now, and he's supposed to fly back around dinner time tonight when we have snow coming. I really hope he doesn't get stuck there. I swear he hits the worst weather in that state.

Brady was up screaming again every few hours last night. He didn't have a fever and I kept asking him if his tummy, head or ear hurt. He just didn't seem to answer me. By the fourth time up at midnight (and I'm already lacking sleep from the night before) I gave him a dose of Tylenol. I heard him around 2am and 4am again, but they weren't too bad. He didn't have a fever anymore today and was acting fine. I have no idea what is going on.

The Early Childhood Coordinator of the school district called me back yesterday. Apparently after she received my message, she had a phone conference with Jax's teacher before calling me back, and that's why I waited two days.
We had a long talk about where the boys were with their initial evaluation last April and where they are today. We agreed that Jax has made great progress, but he still hasn't "caught up" to peers yet. I told her that Brady has not really progressed with speech, and that he was on the speech "apraxia" radar.

The boys are supposed to have their annual re-evaluation within the next 3 months and have their IEP plans by their birthday in July. Without having that review yet, the coordinator told me that she had a pretty good idea of what we'd be doing with the boys given the conversation with Jax's teacher and my concerns as a parent.

The coordinator told me that they rarely ever don't progress children onto the 4k program to meet their special needs (aka - therapies) since that program provides the needs. She said they will often repeat kindergarten if necessary. I hated that idea - absolutely hate it because I think the boys will be more aware at that point and it would hurt their confidence academically.
She told me that she was taking her "administrator cap" off and putting her "mom cap" on and she said she agreed with me, and without even having further test results done, she will work with me based on these reasons alone:

1. The boy's original birthdate was Sept 11 (past the cut off date)
2. They are small (Jax's teacher confirmed that Jax was noticeably smaller than his peers)
3. Jax missed 6 straight weeks of the course due to medical reasons
4. Jax is working through medical issues simultaneously, where an extra year could make a huge difference
5. Brady's speech may not have met his original IEP goals from this year due to a different speech issue (motor planning disorder rather than a standard delay)

I told the coordinator that I would like Brady's cognition re-tested, and we will, but it's very difficult to gauge given his lack of speech. I'm waiting to hear back if this is something we'll still do to change Brady's plan this year yet (there's only 3 months of school left).

So, the current idea being tossed around for fall is for the boys to attend 3 afternoons (most likely 2.5 hrs) of the Early Childhood preschool course, and move onto 4k the following year. Even if Brady's cognition still tests normal, he will be in the program as a "peer with speech needs" since we don't want the boys in different grades (ie, putting Brady into 4K and holding Jax back).
This makes me so happy. I'm of course not happy that my boys need all this extra help, but in the long run, this is the best plan for them to be successful in school later.

In other news, Jax has really good  meals, and some really bad meals. We still haven't had to do any time outs, but it is so interesting how his body and behavior reacts to meal time. We will need to catch it on video this weekend to share. He typically will sit down and start to gag and then will work out an "episode" to the point of maybe bringing up a tiny bit of spit. Then when he's done, we do the meal and everything is fine - how odd!
Although, last night I let him go through this routine and then fed him like a champ with mac n'cheese blended with green beans. He ate the entire bowl (4-5oz) and on the last bite he sprayed me, himself and the surrounding area. It was like he channeled Linda Blair with blasting green vomit everywhere.
Needless to say, we all took a bath/shower last night immediately. I'm glad that doesn't happen as much anymore!

I did realize he loves vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce! I mixed it up with a spoon until it was a soft-serve consistency and he at the entire bowl after his bath. I made myself a malt after he was in bed. I think we all deserved an ice cream treat after that clean up!

Jax's teacher said he licked a cupcake repeatedly in school today (the frosting that is) and did well with his snack of yogurt and milk. Typical Jax... eats well for everyone but us at home!
Brady had a small meltdown when he got to school this morning. His usual speech therapist just had her baby, so she has replacements for the time being. Brady hid in my lap until the new therapist came over and told him there were toys and a book about puppies. ZOOM! He shot up and took her hand without even turning to say good bye. What a stinker!

The boys were running around holding hands with their pants off... I have no idea why!

I thought it was cute to see the boys include Batman when putting furniture in the doll house today.

I found it hilarious that they kept putting the daddy on the toilet.

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My girls always put their daddy dolls on the toilet and leave him there while the rest of the family does their thing. :-)