Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St Pats weekend!

This weekend seemed to last forever! Now how many times will hear that??
The boys had fun at school on Friday and Jax ate some green pudding with his class. The boys played outside the entire afternoon with the neighbors and loved it. We all went to the YMCA in the afternoon and then we took the boys to Red Robin for dinner and we had a GREAT time. The boys were so well behaved and it was actually enjoyable. We fed Jax right before going to the restaurant, and that worked out good.
We were able to hang out with our neighbors a little bit after dinner to watch some of the basketball games. SPEAKING OF... Jason is immersed with his brackets and pools. His phone beeps with a text message pretty much hourly I swear! He was so happy to have lunch at a sports bar on Friday with some friends to talk non-stop brackets, and now this evening he's there with our neighbor - it just makes him so happy!

On Saturday, we took the boys down to Auntie Rachel's. She babysat for the afternoon so Jason and I could hit the outlet mall. The boys are NOT ready for such warm weather with their current wardrobe. They have mostly 24m/2t t-shirts from last season and this warm weather snuck up on us! The boys had a BLAST and of course took over the pugs like they own them. Jaxon ate great for Rachel and took his lunch and a snack for her (yay!).
We picked up the boys and then picked up Nana Letts from the airport and brought her back to her car at our house. Jason taught Jaxon how to blow a whistle. Let me tell you, I've heard enough whistle blowing now to fill a lifetime! Brady is hilarious because he doesn't get how to blow into the whistle yet, so he puts it up to his mouth and makes a whistle noise - love him!
We kept it low-key the rest of the night and after the boys were in bed, we actually did paperwork and worked the rest of the night. Now that I think of it, we should've drank some green beer or something to make it more festive!

On Sunday, the boys played outside most of the morning after coming home from the YMCA with Jason. We ran a few errands, but then used the rest of the day to let the kids outside while we did some spring cleaning. Jay cleaned out the garage (while chasing the boys) and I did all the bed linens and then odd things like getting the ladder upstairs to clean the ceiling fan. SUPER interesting isn't it??
We also did a small DIY home project today that turned out pretty decent. Jason is not the most patient or focused person when it comes to drawn out details, so I took most of it over.

And as of now, I'm going to eat cookies and watch Glee on Netflix and just SIT and be HAPPY myself! Enjoy the start of your week everyone!

Does this make us bad parents? We let Jax play a video game at the restaurant while we ate. He was engaged with us for half the time, but the other half he did this.

Brady having a blast hitting Jason with his balloon.

Our two leprechauns playing with their pugs at Rachels. (Thanks for the t-shirts Auntie Sidney!)

Ta-da! Some backsplash that we practiced on the butler pantry for the guinea pig. This small space took all day, and I can tell where I really figured out how to do it nicely, so I dislike half of it and like the other, go figure! Now to find time to do it to the kitchen or decide if we even want it there, hmm...

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