Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We have been out of town the past couple of days for Grandpa K's funeral services. It was so nice to see so much family, but it's never nice when it's for an occasion as sad as this. All I can hope is that the boys will have a memory or two of their great grandpa and enjoy stories about him when they're older.

The boys did extremely well at the funeral mass. We never attempted to have them sit through a church service to this point, so we were a little nervous of them disrupting things. Jax sat in the pew playing a silent video game and would watch the choir on the balcony. Brady was actually mesmerized with Father Dick conducting the service. I'm sure it helped that Brady knows Father Dick and Auntie Christa and Nana who also spoke, but wow, he sat silently for an entire hour watching all of it. Jason thinks Brady found his calling to be a pastor or priest some day. I'm sure Brady was thinking how neat it was that a person can stand in front of a crowd and everyone will watch and listen to this one person speak and sing, brilliant! :)
There were SO many people at the wake and the funeral. Many bishops, priests, nuns and a full congregation. They estimated 500 people just for the visitation... isn't that something? It's a testament to his life I believe.   

Back to reality...
Jason is out of town in Texas now for the rest of the week now, and the boys have their typical speech and school classes. I had a phone conversation with the district coordinator for early childhood development again expressing my concerns over Brady's progress. She is putting a team together to re-test Brady early to see if we can get him more help before the end of this school year. So hopefully I hear from her by the end of the week.

Our niece Marley is visiting this weekend, so that will be fun and a nice change of pace. Or I should say, it will be nice to add a female to the house for a little bit! I hope to sneak out of the house with her alone for some girly time at some point (did you hear that Uncle Jay?).

The fabulous foursome.

The boys "helping" me prepare some meals to freeze for this week.

The boys with Kelsey and Drew at their birthday party last Sunday. They were in HEAVEN and played non-stop.

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Craig & Shannon said...

Prayers to your family.

What a look Kelsey is giving Brady! I can only wonder what is going through her mind:)