Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jump around!

There has been a LOT of playing outside and a lot of tears when having to come in. I've realized that since Jax is thirsty, I give him his high calorie milk as a drink for his snack and he will consume plenty for a "snack" so it cuts down on having to sit through a session.

Jax has been doing pretty good with food. A bit less behavioral puking, and a bit more volume back to where it's supposed to be. He is also accepting more tastes instead of just pb&j, pudding and yogurt. He's now taking mac & cheese, lasagna and veggies mixed with butter pretty good (all pureed of course).

I've been working with the boys on their Big Wheel bikes and Jax is starting to get it. His problem is that he's so short, he doesn't reach the peddles very well. Brady still doesn't understand the concept of PUSHING with his feet, but he'll get there. They love their scooters being outside now from Christmas and of course the good ole' Cozy Coops from last summer. Otherwise the kids have been running like crazy with the neighbor boys on swing sets, the trampoline and trying to make a basket with the basketballs. Spring is definitely in the air!

All the boys jumping around today.

I thought it was cute to see Jax play jungle safari with the neighbor's nanny. Notice he's pretending to look through binoculars with his hands, when he's wearing some around his neck!

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