Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kicking off spring

What a gorgeous weekend we had!
On Friday, the boys enjoyed school and then Nana Letts came down on her way out of town. We all piled in and drove her to the airport and saw her off for her vacation with Auntie Christa and some other gals. On the drive back, we decided to stop up at a new pub that some friends own for dinner. The boys LOVED sharing a chair and playing video games. I was able to feed Jax an entire yogurt while he played the video game. We were a little nervous that he wouldn't eat anything while out of the house, and since we were on the road when we decided to go, we didn't feed him ahead of time like we're supposed to. Thankfully he ate a bit!

We got some much needed errands done on Saturday, as well as some work and play - it was so nice out!
We took the boys to the zoo first thing this morning (Sunday) and the boys just LOVED it. We went early, so there weren't a lot of people there. It was a lot of fun. We even tackled getting the boy's hair cut - very productive! Jay played with the boys outside for the afternoon and we got a taste of what summer will be when calling the boys in for dinner. WHEW! They HATE coming in and cry like crazy little people!

Jason took Brady to a batting cage to see some friends tonight and I got some alone time with Jax. It was a nice little weekend.
Jax was quite pukey with his feedings today. It's either behavioral or because of a slight runny nose. Either way, we still figure it out!

The boys all fired up by the gorilla exhibit!

Jax getting too close to a peacock.

The boys on a tracker in the family farm. We found ways to get Jax to take bites of ice cream during snack time.

Finishing up on a train ride!

Brady loving life!

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Amber Ellen said...

They are so cute!! Looks like a fun day :)