Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A nice surprise

We got a nice surprise yesterday. My niece was in town shopping with her mom and they asked to stop by. Mondays are perfect for us, so it worked out nice! The boys were so excited to see Marley's games that she had on her IPod. They ran around like crazy monkeys playing tag and we had a nice little dinner.

Our weather continues to be unbelievably nice. I heard on the news that today tied a day in 1931 for being the warmest of this day. After I got the kids from school, we played outside for a bit. After Jay was done with work, we all went to the YMCA and now as I type this, the boys are walking with Jason around the block before an ice cream bed time snack.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I got a call from Jax's pediatrician checking in with things. She said she received a nice update from the GI specialist. She (the pedi) is contacting an Immunologist to discuss Jax's history. She said that she wanted to get a professional opinion on his immune system function since he showed some big system break downs over the last year. She said that she wasn't overly concerned that he got pneumonia given his lung history, but she was a bit concerned about how hard and fast his entire system would go down. She's hoping the specialist will order some specific tests, and the next time we're at the hospital for a feeding team checkup (in about 3 weeks) we'll stop by the lab for a blood draw.
If any treatable answer could come from it, I'm totally on board! So we'll see where that goes as I await a call back from the pediatrician with an update on all that.

Otherwise, we'll be enjoying this amazing weather and keep on, keeping on!

All the kids in stripes!

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Kimberly said...

Enjoy the weather! You all deserve some sunshine.