Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our winter finally came!

We had a nice snowy weekend. Jason took the boys out in the snow early Saturday morning and they just LOVED it. Otherwise we got errands, housework and some final piled up paperwork done that day.

Today we went to a benefit for Children's Hospital of WI and had a nice time. We had many friends come out and support us since we were a featured family who spoke. The event was hosted by the Milwaukee Emerald Society and at a legendary Irish pub, so there was a lot of fun Irish entertainment (music/dancers). The boys had a blast. We were even featured on the evening news. I'm so proud of Jason speaking in front of a camera! (I'll see if we can download a clip somehow)

Otherwise in feeding news, Jax is doing pretty good. He still has his weird gagging/vomiting at the start of the meal. I know he's not taking as much volume as he's supposed to, and I've been giving him more in the tube at night here and there, but we'll see what the docs have to say tomorrow at his first review with the entire team. (I'll update tomorrow with that appt) *Oh, and he does NOT sit to take a snack while out in public, so we know that for sure now! We asked the therapists how we were supposed to handle public situations and they said that during this beginning stage, to always feed him before any public meals. We did feed Jax lunch, but it got to be snack time while we were out and realized he wasn't going to do it, so we left shortly after and gave him an early dinner and an ice cream bedtime snack. Eh, it wasn't a big deal.

Jax used to be our more laid back kiddo, but I think the boys are switching roles lately. Today Brady was SO shy for quite awhile and even hid under the table. Jax was so outgoing, that he kept trying to speak into my microphone during my small speech. He even said THANK YOU at the end, so cute! Ohhh these two beans make me smile no matter how much they make me pull my hair out!

Jason running through the yard pulling the boys on a sled.

Playing out in the snow...

The boys took over a drum.

Rachel with Miss Kelsey

Shannon with Mr Drew

Janel and Steve as wild animals!

Being filmed by the news station.

Yes, this is my husband!

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Melissa said...

The snow looks beautiful.