Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's your name?

Mr Jaxon can answer this question, yay! It sounds like, "Daxon" I think, but nonetheless, he answers! His teacher said that Jax will approximate each classmates name in class when doing the good morning song, and is pretty close with some of the names. His eating is getting better each day too. He still will have early meal gagging, but it much less intense and shorter (and not at every feed). He seems to sneeze a lot during meals which is funny... unless his mouth is full. Then it's not funny!

He ate manicotti, spaghettios and BBQ chicken just fine the last few days, so I'm very happy he's expanding what he'll accept. Oh, and some baby foods that I threw butter, sour cream or pudding in with for quick snacks.
Jax has his next clinic follow up in 2 weeks. If he gains weight, I will be discussing if we should pull an ounce out of his nightly tube-feeding. With the amount of food Jax is starting to take at each meal now, I would think that in two weeks, it may be a possibility to start weaning from the night feed - we shall see! Well, actually I'm supposed to do it myself if he takes a certain amount by mouth during the day, but I almost feel like it might be good to let Jax have "too much" food for a little bit before taking away that last tube feed. He could stand to gain a bit of weight!

I sat in on Brady's individual speech class today. It was with a sub-therapist who is usually the "aide" during Brady's regular class. I didn't find the session overly great, but noticed Brady was really squirrely and not very attentive to the therapist's requests. I wondered if it was because I was in the room, so I will wait outside for his next one on Tuesday (his group class is on Friday).
Brady went through a questionnaire with the therapist that Brady did his first day of class. He only scored one point above his baseline from last fall, so I'm sure that will be a discussion when his normal therapist comes back (she's on maternity leave). I was surprised (and slightly saddened for him) by some of Brady's answers.

A few questions he got wrong with flash card prompted answers (and were wrong 5 months ago) were:
Who feeds you breakfast? Mama or the mailman.
What is in the sky? Clouds or apples.
What is at a farm? Pigs or skittles (yes, the candy)
Does a cow meow?
(I can't remember the others)

So we'll see how this all correlates during the next IEP meeting this spring. I will say that Brady has so much INTENT when speaking back, so it kind of breaks your heart. I've noticed lately that it seems like he gives up trying to say words and immediately goes into whining mode when he wants something. I need to talk to the therapists about this and maybe start implementing a ring of flashcards for him to point to his need instead of the dreaded whining. The only problem is that there aren't flashcards for the daily 3 year old wants. Like... Spiderman's flipper...

The boys are starting to "get" that they should be going potty on the potty instead of their diapers. My neighbor gave me an old favorite book of her boys that she got in London. It's called, "Everybody Poos" and there's a great page of pictures that shows a baby pooing in his diaper (slightly graphic) a toddler boy on a potty, a big boy on a toilet and then a daddy on a toilet all on the same page. We talked about the pictures and they both had that "ah-ha" look like they suddenly understood that what they do in their DIAPER is what they're supposed to be doing on that darn potty that I always put them on!
So each morning now, I'll be putting them on their potties to sit while I make their breakfast. One of these mornings they'll be bound to tinkle and realize how to do it. I won't get my hopes up that it will be anytime soon, but if I have anything with "developments", it's patience!
So no formal training in that area yet (I'm actually not supposed to while food-training Jax) but I like to put the idea "out there" for them to maybe help things along when they do show they're ready.

Here's a few photos of the boys in their potty knowledge glory this morning!

They sat here looking at the book on the floor and taking peeks of the cartoon for an entire 20 minutes while I made them breakfast and prepped the school snacks etc. So cute!


Melissa said...

I love that book, it is on the top of my list for favorites. Cracks me up each time.

Angela said...

We used our potties in front of the tv for ages. Whatever works!