Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big moves!

WHEW! We had quite the clean out going on in our house on Friday night and all of Saturday. We moved around furniture, put together a storage shelf for the basement and cleaned out all of the kid's toys. We moved all of their toys to the basement, and now the family room only has their coloring books, workbooks and books alongside all of my and Jason's home-office needs. We cleaned out a storage unit that was in the living room that held a lot of Jax's medical supplies, his vomit basins, rags and then their diapers and wipes. It felt AMAZING to not need all his medical supplies right in the room anymore. I have bins stacked in the laundry room by subject of all his needs (lung needs, GI/Feeding needs etc). We moved that storage bin into Jason's office in the basement to keep paperwork more organized that he needs at-hand.

I feel like my boys had a coming-of-age move this weekend. I used the family room as a playroom so I had them both upstairs with me to care for. Now that they can use the stairs without guidance and can be trusted at ear shot instead of always at eye-shot, it's a bit freeing. I can't put into words how it feels to not NEED a supply to tend to Jax every few hours. His monthly supply order has definitely gotten lighter. Some day it will be nice to think that he will only need lung-supplies (inhalers, spacers, nebulizer, pulse-ox, meds etc) rather than all the tubing, bags, formula, g-tubes, extensions, dressing, syringes and things that fill drawers and bins now. Some day... and SOON!

The next big move will be moving Jax back into his room when we give the boys their big-boy beds. We had to move Jax into our room for the first 15 months to do around-the-clock care, and then we moved him into the guest room next to our room where we could/can sleep in a bed next to him when he's actively sick. I'd love to have both the boys in "their" room and have Jax under the big "J" that has been on the wall since before he was born. When he is off his feeding tube and no longer requiring a nightly feeding (along with a beeping alarm to disturb Brady), then we will really have jumped a big hurdle. I'd love for them to share that big bedroom for their childhood like planned.

I find that most parents of multiples actually have their kids in the same room as babies and then split them apart as toddlers for sleeping purposes. We're always the odd ducks!

Anyway (wow, I ramble), we finally got our new TV installed from a friend on Saturday. We don't get cable hooked up until Tuesday, so we still can't even use the new one! Ce la vie.

The boys went with Jason to the gym this morning and dropped off a bunch of donations to Goodwill. We attended a 1st birthday party of some friends and narrowly escaped getting wet with a big thunderstorm that started 5 seconds after getting in the truck! Good timing!
We all relaxed together through dinner time and now that the boys are in bed, we need to get some work done. Back to school and normalcy this week, I think I miss that routine!

The boys are SO obsessed with playing T-ball. One kid will hit, while the other "fields". Here is Jason and Kurt joining in their game for a bit.

Jason helping Brady's techinique. (FYI - B can really hit the ball nicely!)

Jax fielding with Kurt. Notice they put Jay's left handed glove on Jax and Kurt took the right handed kid glove! We need a toddler/youth left handed glove for this kiddo.

The boys being... themselves this morning!

Look at these cute ladybug favors from the party that came with bug catchers, so cute!

The boy's area of the basement. One of the closets are theirs, and of course their beloved air hockey table in the other corner.

The old med-supply unit refurbed as Jason's office shelving! (Yes, those are a bunch of his old sports memorabilia from younger years on the wall. This room is ALL Jason!)

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