Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Capes and Hats

The boys do the most random things. Today Jaxon was SO upset as we were leaving the house to get to school. He was besides himself whining until I just had enough and told him to show me what he was freaking out about. I put everything down (his backpack, his snack pack, the bag of 50 envelopes I had prepared to mail for work and my purse) and was lead upstairs to a closet. Jax wanted a hat that his Nana got for him at Disney World a year ago that he's never worn and I had been saving for when it would fit him. Yup, he wanted this random very specific hat to wear to school.

When I got back downstairs, Brady was standing at the door in his super hero cape that he had gotten at Christmas (good choice Shanns). He loves to play with it off and on, but apparently today he was wearing it to his speech therapy. He decided yesterday that it was never coming off his body again. Ok... my guys decided to be eccentric today.

Brady had a good session in speech. I ask to sit in on his individual sessions so I know what to work with him at home. Today he had to take mini marshmallows off a pretzel stick with his mouth. When he would wrap his lips around the pretzel stick, he had to say "mmm" and when he pulled the marshmallow off and released, he said "ah". In order to get another one, he had to say "ma/mo". It took him a few sticks of treats, but he started to get it at the end. He has such a hard time putting his lips together and coordinating sounds from them.

I received a call back from the Early Childhood coordinator later in the day and she said she had a group put together to completely re-evaluate Brady and his progress. I should be getting a call back after the district's spring break (so another week and a half to find out when that will all happen). The district coordinator told me she did speak with the speech therapist(s) and I guess they agreed that a team should re-evaluate him as well. I have NO idea why that took me back for a moment because Brady is not progressing, but I guess it was always just "my" opinion up until this point. The coordinator said they need to see how far he has progressed, and if it's not acceptable, they need a team to really look at what things ARE progressing him, and what isn't. In addition, they have to make sure there aren't other problems that may be contributing to his issue(s).

Ok... now I asked for all this, but ick, no Mama likes to hear that. I guess I just wanted them to say, "yup, he's not catching on as quickly as we thought he would, let's add xyz". Instead, it kinda sounds like, "yup, he's not catching on as quickly as thought, let's see what may be really wrong".

Don't you love the inner-dialog in my head?

If you watch You-tube videos of kids with "verbal apraxia" the kids who are 3-4 actually sound like Jaxon, but actually have more words. I can't find any that sound like Brady, or I should say, Brady can't say nearly as many words or even as clear as the videos, so I'm a bit confused. I think I just really need a sit down to review Jax's year with his teacher and therapists and of course to have Brady's re-evaluation.

On a positive note, Jax's eating is really coming along. He will still never "ask" for food or even say yes when asked if he wants to eat, but the behavioral vomiting at the beginning of the feeds has totally gone away now. He will only gag if the food isn't thin enough. Now to get him to cover his mouth when he coughs is a work in progress!
I found a fettuccine alfredo meal that has 35g fat and 365 cals, so divided by 3 (that's how many meals for him I get out of it) it's an awesomely chunky-monkey meal and he LIKES it! I'm trying to stuff this little elf with this, ice cream and PB&J's as much as possible! (all as puree of course)

He's eating a little more at each feed too, so it's nice to see that finally coming along. He has his next follow up next week Wednesday, so let's all cross our fingers for a weight gain!
Oh, and oddly, he's more willing to drink more volumes of his milk again. He's so hard to understand. In the hospital he drank most of his meal and then would take a few bites of food. Once home, he refused the milk and would only eat. Now he's finishing with 2-4 oz of milk after 4-6 oz of food - yay!

No progress on the potties, but I'm sure you'll all hear Jason and I cheering from your homes if one of them suddenly decides to pee in a potty! 

Otherwise it's business as usual here. Jason comes home tomorrow from a tour since Monday and I've been plugging away at work and keeping the boys as entertained as possible!

The boys LOVE playing catch with the football with Jason. Jax is especially obsessed and he's actually catching it and throwing it back.

After about 5 throws, he caught this one! I asked Jay to use a Nerf ball so it would stop smacking his face and I was shot down and told that the real thing makes him tougher. (sigh)

Some coloring time. And the beginning of a 2-day wear of the cape. In fact, Brady is currently sleeping in the cape as I type this!

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Missy said...

Jon and Chris have apraxia. I've got a bit of info on it if you want.