Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter tour and life!

Hmm, I have to go back a few days to get up to speed.

On Friday, the boys had off of school for Good Friday, so Jason asked if we wanted to take a ride with him to his appointment in Illinois and stop at the Ikea store (we need a storage bin in the basement to move most of the boy's toys down). So we came along and let the boys play at a playground while Jason had his meeting.

We were bummed to see that Ikea only allowed kids in their play area if they are over the height of 37" and were required to be potty trained. Jax isn't quite 36", and obviously neither are potty trained, so they tagged along with us instead. They did great until the last 10 minutes. Jax started up on his weird little anxiety show he's been doing lately when we're out at stores. He will suddenly be VERY aware of where Brady is and if Brady steps ahead of us, or lags behind, Jax SCREAMS at him. We have to remind Jax that WE are his parents and will take care of Brady. But it escalates into a complete and irrational breakdown. I had to carry Jax out kicking and screaming and once he was outside, he turned off like a switch. It is SO strange! He just can not handle Brady being a certain distance away and just goes into an insane breakdown.

There's also been some little O.C.D. behaviors of Jax at home that are starting to make me notice more than usual and wonder if I should bring it up to a therapist - but which, and why? (so listen up mommies, and please give me your opinions). Jax HAS, and I mean HAS to walk a certain way through the house to get upstairs. Even if we are in the kitchen and there's an easy way to the stairs, NO, we have to turn around and walk a certain way through the living room and through the family room. And the entire time, Jax has to be holding my left hand. When we get to the stairs, he MUST switch hands and then walk up. If it's night time, Jax HAS to shut off Brady's light and close his door. If this does not happen, he comes unhinged and totally shuts down. So... normal 3 year old quirk, or is it something that makes you go 'hmm'? I'm kind worried of looking hyper aware of everything all the time, so please give your opinions and advice on this through either the comments here or emailing me, thanks! *moving on*

On Friday night, Jay and I went out with our friends (Janel and Steve) for a birthday dinner and some celebrating. Steve's sister was home from college for the holiday and sat at the house while the boys slept - yay, some time out!

On Saturday, Jason sponsored his friend Chuck for a confirmation, so he was in-and-out of the house for that and the boys and I pretty much relaxed and did busy work around the house.

We did an Easter tour of family today (Sunday) and are now home recouping. We went to De Pere for brunch with some of my family members and then went to my mom's for an egg-hunt and bunny stop with baskets. On our way out of the restaurant I ran into a DEAR old friend that I grew up with for years. She was there with her family and our moms were just dying over the fact that they both still look the same (how cute is that?). Anyway - HI Bri and Patty cakes, you have such gorgeous families!

At my mom's house, the boys got some Spiderman fishing poles and tackle boxes - um, these may be their favorite toys to date. We tied little rubber fish on the ends, so the boys "fished" all day at every stop after this! They will LOVE using these at the Garber cottage this summer and hopefully get out on a boat with Bumpa!

We headed over to see some of the Klingeisen family where the boys joined in (aka - butted in) on a kickball game out in the yard with a lot of extended cousins. We then went to see Grandpa Lettenberger, where the boys showed off their fishing poles to an excited Grandpa (this side of the family owns a charter fishing company).
Jax surprised us ALL (Jay, Papa, Grandpa and I) when he mumbled something about a bathroom standing in the hallway. I said, "did you say you have to go to the bathroom??" He said YEAH! and he walked down the hall. We all starred at each other in disbelief and Jason said I better go check to see if he's actually serious. I got up and he was in the bathroom by the toilet. Ok... let's see where he's going with this. I pulled his pants down and took off his diaper, and he peed all over my hand. HILARIOUS!
This was SO cool (after I washed my hand) that he had his first real attempt at actually going potty. What a little man!
I think we'll actually SPRING into action if he ever brings it up again! Yup, I'll chalk this up to a slight Easter miracle ;)

We are all home now and the boys are definitely tuckered out in bed and Jay is prepping to fly out early in the morning. The boys have off all week for spring break and I'm trying to decide what we should do! If it's warm, I think we'll do a tour of parks and maybe even the zoo (I *think* I can handle them there at this age alone now) otherwise we may do some bouncy places and the YMCA. We shall see!

This would be Jax cuddling a piece of bread. Yeah, I don't know either.

Then licking it. Maybe he likes the texture for sensory??

The boys loving some Easter goodies that the Garber family sent them. Spiderman coloring books, woot woot! And yes, Brady still wears his cape each day and sleeps in it most nights at well.

Jay and I out on Friday.

My cousin Alyssa and I at at Easter brunch. She and my aunt were visiting from Kansas.

My aunt, my mom and my grandma!

The boys during the egg hunt.

how cute are these tackle boxes?

Bumpa giving a lesson.

Brady and Jay loving it too.

Marley with the boys.

The boys with some Hoffman cousins.

Jax lovin' life!

The boys with Grandpa Lettenberger.


Michelle said...

when my little one had her GI issues she did some strange behaviors like crossing her legs and this weird arching her back thing. i wont get into the nitty gritty here but it was odd but when i look back at it, i think it was what i call, "mini-control issues" whenever we made changes to her diet or meds or went to a new doctor or something, it would get worse and i would have a "not so mini-mommy (internal) panic attack" wondering what the heck to do about it all... so, i brought it up to doctors and we kind of ignored it... and it mostly went away, eventually. she still does it and it gets worse if she's getting sick with a bug or if she's nervous... but then it goes away again... so, anyway, maybe it's "control issues" and it will get better when he's feeling more in control of how he eats? claire got physically better before the weird behaviours went away, which is what made me know it was behavioral. this is a totally un-professional opinion! good luck!!! :)

Kristen, Eric, and Evelyn said...

Sounds to me like Jax is just trying to control his how things are. Since his feeding routine and behaviors are getting better, he's finding an outlet to control his environment. Perhaps bringing it up to the feeding team would be appropriate, because I'm sure they've seen this happen before. Good luck!

Jenn said...

I was thinking control too. There is so much that we take for granted that is easy for us and we can control I think the few things he can take charge of and can be in control of he is clinging too. I say bring it up though. That is always my motto because I remind myself I would rather bring it up and be told nothing (too ease my mind) versus keep worrying about it and/or kick myself later if it was something and I didn't bring it up! The boys are so cute! Love the bread thing! :)

Kimberly said...

You really have a beautiful family! Happy Easter!